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Have a peek on my design process...commissioned temporary tattoos

I often forget to document my design process, as I usually just get stuck into projects. But this time I realised I had enough visual support to let you have a little creep in on how this project started and finished!
I was asked to design a party themed temporary tattoo range for a business to sell in their store which is party/celebration based. They gave me a list of some items they would like to see and had in mind, as I always ask for reference of what type of style they are after, of course they wanted my illustration style -  but how - did they want it more digitalised, more freehand, cute etc.... this gives me a great idea of what they want and with any design project I always create a mood board, I research different styles / references, and sample colour palettes - this is just to make sure that I am on the right path for what their vision is, once this is approved, I start!

A lot of the time I will start with pencil and paper, sometimes I do go straight into illustrator and just go for it. This time I did a few sketches on paper, and seeming they wanted a more hand drawn look, I went straight to the iPad Pro, using Adobe Draw. This way I could import my illustrations straight into illustrator onto my desktop and go from there. 

Once I've imported them, I played with colour a little, I didn't need to do too much as I did most on the iPad, then I curated and tweaked options to present to the client.
After choosing, I send out a sample pack, then I lay them out and make them into tattoos, and package them, I do all the printing, and trimming and packaging myself, and send them off to my client!
Sometimes concepts don't always make it, but doesn't mean they're not missed :)
I have various designs available in-store and I always have a special Christmas edition available coming soon! You can grab this party set from Hello Kit Co the funnest online party, decorating, accessory stop!

*Cover image and pink BG image is courtesy of Hello Kit Co, and imagery belongs to Hello Kit Co

If you are after a custom project you would like to chat about, please drop a line in at

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