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Acupressure Bad Back Designer Back Graphic Designer Self Health Self Love Shakti Mat

I had been intrigued about these acupressure mats since I first saw one. It wasn't until my husband shared a post of a tattooist using one for her back and had suggested it for me, that I got back on track, researched, found a NZ business Shakti and ordered one. I've always had a funny back...I have slight C scoliosis which was only diagnosed when I had a fall at work (Pizza kitchen hand;) ) when I was 15, they assumed my almost decade of ballet is what kept it un- noticed and without much problem due to the strict posture. Anyways then I became a Graphic Designer......then I became a mum......haha lots of pressure on my back during pregnancies, and epidurals and spinal blocks, lots of fun postures of breast feeding and carrying babies and children, or just being on the floor picking up rice every day you know? Haha

Anyways, the anticipation of it arriving was real! I was seriously stalking my tracking info, listening for every van door out the front. It arrived and I touched the spikes and I wondered if I really thought this through, but I did think about how dry needle has been good for me and of course I gave it a go...

At first it was pain, and then warmth and then pulsating hard, like a massage? I could see why so many people may have not stuck it out, but my pain threshold is good and I really have a tense back, my remedial massages are very far from relaxing and chilled it's all about easing the knots out, so I was prepared for the first few times to be really intense on my back. I did the 20 mins then the Mister jumped on, He was hesitant at first after seeing my back and feeling the spikes, but 10mins in he fell asleep on it! 

I made sure I laid on the mat for 20mins before bed (on my bed) and you know what that was 3-4 months ago and I haven't had anymore than 3 consecutives days without it! I had 2 consecutive days without it and I really felt the difference. I even took it away overseas with me, and now during some downtime (what is that you ask?!?! haha) with the kids, they tell me to relax and go lie on my mat hahaha!
If I can't sleep in the middle of the night and my mind is racing, I pick up my mat, place it on my bed and no joke I will drift off to sleep within 10mins. Its a weird feeling....After using it like I have, you feel the spikes, then it quickly subsides and then I start to feel so relaxed and my eyes get heavy and I feel good just to close my eyes and go to sleep. Usually I'll lightly wake after 20min and just roll off it and pop it on the floor and continue sleeping...
Want to hear another weird thing... I've also laid on it to get refreshed hahaha I've laid on it first thing getting up before too!
Here are my tips I've noticed....
- It hurts more, but you get a better feel/effect not wearing clothing while lying on the mat e.g. wearing a t-shirt.
- Lying completely flat is best for me, and it sends me to sleep without fail. I sometimes sit up a little with it, while watching a movie, it still works but has a better effect on me (relaxing effect flat)
- I'm short so when I lie on it, my backside is also on it, but I like it as I get alot of tension lower back which is in my glutes. If Im really tense down there I place a handtowel over the spikes at the end so it just gets my back.
- I get tense in my hips/sides of my high thigh, so I lie on it sidewards too and it works well for me
Anyways I'm such a fan, every just reading over this post makes me excited to lie on it hahaha!
This post is not sponsored by Shakti at all, purely just a big fan and wanted to share, all info and review/tips is off my own accord and is not to be used as direction for usage of this product.

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