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The tiny turns the big one! Part Two – The decorations!

Ok so it’s finally here, Part two – The Decorations

We decided to throw a large do celebrating Lil M’s first birthday, inviting friends and family who have been involved with her and us, in her first year. We love food, and having a filipino mother, celebrations revolve around food and good company of friends and family! Mum ordered the Lechon (big pig) and cooked many filo delights and I baked a cake and cupcakes and cookies, and of course….. I decorated!!!! So today I’m sharing with you everything that put Lil M’s birthday bash together from her outfits (Part one) to how I made most of her decorations – which were all very easy and inexpensive, and I’ve included templates for bunting and party hats! So hold on! This is going to be a big one! x

I will begin with Lil M’s invites. If you follow my blog you will remember the animal illustration I did for her room with her name and animals, you can see it here. Well I based her whole party theme around this, using the lion, elephant and zebra and dots.


I created some card bunting using all these elements. This is very easy and effective. I have included a template below. Don’t worry about printing your design onto the card, you can use my template to cut bunting out of some fun patterned paper/card, that matches your colour theme. How to put the bunting together is here.

Download my bunting template here  MuskaElvis_BuntingFlag_Template_2013

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.25.02 PM


The best thing is, is after the party we kept the bunting and have hung it up across her bedroom wall!

Where we had the party had a lot of space to decorate, so I also made some tissue paper tassel garlands, I had been wanting to make some for ages and this was the perfect opportunity, these were super easy and every now and then I would make a few when I could, then when I thought I had plenty I strung them altogether. I followed these super easy instructions from The tomkat studio

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.25.19 PM

Now we were having a feast! So we needed plenty of cutlery (I usually use eco wooden cutlery that I buy in bulk from Ebay – I like the natural look, rather than plastic) and places to hold them, I didn’t have enough spare glass jars, usually I do, so I bought 6 for $5 from the reject shop. I used ribbon to wrap around the jar secured with double sided tape, and stuck a cookie gift tag circle on either side with double sided tape – so simple, yet so effective!

This one was holding pretty paper straws – you can buy these from most places nowadays – if you look online you can find some awesome patterns – I think that Emerald + Ella have the best selection I’ve come across so far! I bought these plain coloured ones from The Base store and had some previous ones from Christina Rae.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.59.33 PM

It’s not a kids party without party hats!!! These were so much fun to design and make – I made a special one for Lil M to match her outfit, but we forgot to put it on her, and when we did realise she didn’t want to wear a party hat anymore! I printed my design onto A4 card – you don’t need anything to keep them together, they have a lock tab at the back, and I hole punched the sides and used metallic elastic which I bought from Lincraft and from Art Riot. Download the printable plain party hat template here – use it to trace around some fun patterned card!


Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.59.59 PM

If you follow my posts you know by now that I love to make gingerbread, but over the years it has become maybe somewhat predictable that I’m going to make little iced hearts and package them in cute little jars or bags (because they do look so cute!) so I decided to make gingerbread cookie sticks :) Basically I made the gingerbread as usual, iced the circle with fondant, then cut out little hears in fondant to put on top, and as soon as the cookies come out if the oven I carefully but quickly pushed a lolly/cake pop stick through the middle ( I had many fails – much to the pleasure of the Mister and his work mates). I used lolly bags to cover them, sealed them with tape and ribbon, with a thank you tag.

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.59.04 PM

I needed a way to display them… I had found some long smalls boxes from Bunnings, you know the recycled ones by the counters. I covered them with brown kraft paper, designed  a strip to stick around the edges (which hides the wrapping where you have sticky taped it also ) and then using a pen (not too thick or they will fall too low) I stabbed hopes in the top for the sticks to go through, and there you go a really inexpensive and cute stand. I made 3 of these and  they also decorated the cake table. You can use some nice wrapping to cover it also, the possibilities are endless!

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.25.40 PM

Talking about cake!!!!! Ok so I was going to outsource the cake – I wanted it to match the whole theme, but I decided that if I can kinda bake, Im making her cake for her first birthday! I did do a trial first to see how I would go and it wasn’t too bad, so I figured Lil M will love it no matter what so I’ll just do it! I made a vanilla buttercake, and marbled it cream and pink to match the theme. I used white choc ganache and gel food colourings to colour ready made fondant icing, and here we have it! It’s not perfect, but I think it went well on the day, it didn’t last long once it was cut and M liked it very much, which is all that mattered :)


I didn’t know if the cake would be enough for everyone, so I made the same vanilla marbled butter cake cupcakes, with a butter cream icing and of course a cherry on top!


Oh and the stands are great, this cardboard re-useable cupcake stand I bought a few years ago for the Mister’s birthday from Domayne and this is the 3rd time I’ve used it, it pulls apart and stacks flat, I also bought a pink polka dot cardboard cake stand from The Base store.

I don’t have a proper pic, but in the cake pic, you can see the pink, brown and cream fabric table runner? I made these for all the white tressle tables to dress them up a bit. I bought 4 meters of fabric (I think it came to something crazy like about $8) , halved them width ways, then length ways to get 4 runners, and I just rolled over the edges and ran them under the sewing machine!

I like to track most of Lil M’s milestones, and I’ve been putting a book together for her first year, but I thought it would be nice to share with all the guests, so I designed a board tracking most of her milestones in chronological order, and I backed it onto mounted board to hang up – this is also going up in her room.


Another little project I had going on last year was Lil M’s weekly photos. I only started it at 5 weeks old, but every Friday I sat her on her rocking chair in her room for a photo. I am so glad I did this, as going through them you can really see the changes in her face and body as they year went on, going from a teeny newborn to this burst of energy can’t keep still on the chair toddler! I printed them out polaroid style and hung them in order on 2 of the walls, just using twine and little wooden pegs. Our guests really enjoyed seeing her changes and chatting about how they remember her at certain weeks. Week 8 was by far the most popular as no one really remembered how much of a little chubster she was hehehe! Im actually continuing on this project, but it is now a monthly pic.

(sorry about the pic – having so much fun at the party this is the only pic I took via my phone just before it started!)


And that my friends is a wrap! Time flew by so fast, not only the party but the whole year! Lil M is such an awesome little person to be around and we wish we could celebrate like this every day,
(we still do, but we do it with cuddles and fruit biscuits hehehe)

I hope this post has inspired you for your next party and that the templates, and shopping tips and DIY tricks help you out for your next party. Decorating doesn’t need to be expensive, you just need a bit of an imagination! xx


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Julie’s Kitchen Tea

Leading up to a wedding there are many wonderful opportunities to get together with family friends and if you are the bride to be, great opportunities to spend some extra time with your girlfriends and the females in the family, to just have a down right ‘girly’ day or night. One of those is a Kitchen tea… I looked up the history of a kitchen tea, and found these interesting facts taken from the sandiehudson blogspot. I like the last one the best!

  • This wedding tradition evolved from Holland when a father disapproved of his daughter’s choice and the villagers gathered to “shower” her with the dowry her father refused.
  • In some communities today, a “trousseau tea” is held before the wedding. This “ladies only” social gathering is a way to show off all the bride’s new things not just gifts, but lingerie, clothing items, personal items everything but the wedding costume.
  • Bridal showers were meant to strengthen the ties between the bride and her friends, provide her moral support, and help her prepare for her marriage.

For more interesting facts of where many wedding traditions have originated visit sandiehudson blogspot

I had the pleasure of designing custom invites and recipe cards for Julie’s Kitchen Tea which was held last weekend. This design was created purely for Julie’s Kitchen Tea, one of her bridesmaids, asked for a custom design based on one of my previous birthday/baby shower invitation designs but suited for a kitchen tea in custom colours.

I loved drawing up and adding the ‘kitcheny’ items such as the whisk and oven mitt, and putting together the matching recipe cards. Once I had put this design up online, it became crazy popular and have since created many invitation packs and printables in various colour combinations for clients.

Julie’s bridesmaids organised a gorgeous day for the bride to be, and they sent me some pictures of the day for me to share. What a wonderful job they did, and I only wish Julie a ton of love, laughs and happiness for her big day! x

If you are after a custom design for your party, doesn’t matter where in the world you are, drop me an email and say Hi, let me know what you are thinking and I can provide you with a free quote and different options that best suit your needs!

Also check out my Instagram account which I update frequently with new and previous designs, new ideas and everything in between @muskaelvis

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Lollypops and rock sticks, birds and pinstripes…

This was Andie’s Christening…

I was thrilled to design a party pack for little Andie’s Christening, I was asked to create an invite based  on floral, birds and pink, and along with the inital invite – place cards, table numbers, signage, lolly bar tags and bonboniere inserts.

I added in a little mint green to break up the tones of pink and this is what Andie’s mum chose after seeing the concepts.

Once the design was chosen, I applied the theme to the rest of items. Andie’s mum did such a great job putting everything together, and pulling the whole theme together for the day, even getting a cake made inspired by the design from Planet Cake, she created such a beautiful atmosphere, and memories for Andie to share later. Below she shared with me photos of the day, once everything was assembled.

If you are after a custom design for your party, doesn’t matter where in the world you are, drop me an email and say Hi, let me know what you are thinking and I can provide you with a free quote and different options that best suit your needs!

Also check out my Instagram account which I update frequently with new and previous designs,
new ideas and everything in between

Enjoy your Monday x

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Nubbie’s Day

So if you didn’t already know, Nubbie is the nickname of my little unborn girl I am carrying, the nickname came from when the Mister and I learnt about ear nubs forming during early pregnancy and like all nicknames somehow it became one and stuck! Last weekend was Nubbie’s Day (Baby Shower really), now I know there is traditional debate about who organises or hosts a shower, but being the graphic designer I am, who adores decorating and co-ordinating for events I of course had to do all of that, and I surrendered to some amazing friends who, helped out with much of the food and drink, game/activity ideas and running of the day, everyone on the day seemed to have a small part to make the day fab, no matter how big or small, which I am very grateful of xx. Hence the day became Nubbie’s day, her first girly afternoon to celebrate her birth in the new year.

I would like to share the day with you…..

The colour theme was dusty and dark pinks with a matt gold/(very dark yellow)

I had picked up 3 large bunches of dusty pink hydrangeas to put in vases around the home (and outside before the storm hit Sydney), I also placed those gorgeous paper lanterns (by Marth Stewart) above the food table (and some again outside, which were brought indoors and placed on all the doors inside during the storm).

I made Nubbie’s Day flags for the toothpicks for finger foods, the design tying back to the original invite,
and who doesn’t love paper stripey straws :)

I baked Vanilla/White choc pink marbled cupcakes with dangerous butter cream icing, the topper I made also ties back to the original invite and theme

Of course there had to be lolly bags! I made my usual Gingy bread into hearts with light pink icing, and popped them in with a few musk sticks and a sherbet pop, which brought back a lot of childhood memories for some of the guests

I made up prize bags for some of the games (we also had a pass the parcel, which had us all squealing like kids again, a fab suggestion from a friend), and a few thank you packs

I asked the guests, those who had a baby pic of themselves to send to me, and during the day I had the guests guess who was who, it made it quite challenging as half had their pics up and half didn’t, it became very competitive but also a great way for those who didn’t know each other to get to know who was who hehehe

My favourite activity which was suggested by a friend who had done this before, was the origami crane mobile. Guests were asked to write a message to Nubbie, then asked to fold their message into a crane (or anything you like if you know how) and then later I will make it into a mobile and hang in her nursery

All of the origami looked great, even those who said they would be terrible, none of them were!
I can’t wait to make this mobile, they are all so pretty!

Nubbie had a fab day and was totally spoilt, I’ll have all these memories to show her one day as record of
her first girly afternoon x