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Custom prints for your little ones available now!

I absolutely loved decorating my little one’s room! It is a room, that the Mister and I put so much thought into, wanting to create a space that our little M would love to be in always. If you follow my blog, you will know that we love to adorn our walls with artworks, and we have done the same in the nursery. If you read my previous post Artwork for the nursery or me? I had posted the first artworks we put on her wall (it has since grown very quickly we have since added another 7 to the walls hehehe (one is Felt Tiger – DIY and the other is the Millesante’ illustration I did for her below).

But one of the prints I created for her room, before she was even born was this animal print with her name. Visitors always seem to comment on it, and since I put it up on the blog, again viewers have taken a liking to this print. I split the animals up and printed them customised with a friends 3 childrens names on them for a gift, and then I decided I would make them available in my Etsy store.

So available is the Lion available for purchase here

The Elephant is available for purchase here

And the Zebra is available for purchase here


So if you are looking for that extra special something for your little one’s room or for the perfect gift, check them out! x

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Its a wrap! Wrapping with fabric…

I am a huge believer that the gift wrap should be just as fab as the gift inside, a visual experience from the very start!

Now there are some really horrible wrapping paper and ribbon choices out there, you just have to make the right one! If your not very good with mix and matching patterns and colours, keep it simple. I keep rolls of brown kraft paper at home and wrap all of my gifts in it, and use a large selection of grosgrain ribbons (I especially love candy striped ones) to tie around it.

But lately after doing a large clean up in the spare room I realised I had an abundance of gorgeous fabric cuttings that I’ve saved from various projects or that have been given to me or fat quarters I have bought in my travels (hence all of the sewing projects lately), so I’ve decide to put them to good use and use them to wrap gifts, they add just that little bit extra to the wrap… check them out!

This one I used an off cut from some cushions I made around the house…

This gorgeous fabric was an off cut from a Brucey (you’ll meet her soon if not already) doll I made for a friend years ago

This off cut is from left over quilt binding that was used to finish off a fabulous quilt my friend’s mum made us for our wedding, using the whole piece as the ribbon (I was given all of the off cuts from this quilt, stay posted and you will see what else I’ve been making them into)

This one is a shout out to my friend Amy, who made this adorable wrap out of off cut fabrics and vintage buttons from her mum, and had it wrapped around my birthday pressie (each piece is sewn together to the ribbon behind) – too pretty to throw out I have it pinned up on my inspiration board at home

So next time you are wrapping a gift, see if you have any fabrics lying around and put them to good use! x

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Cookies in a Jar – Another home made gift

Not only do I love to make home made / home baked gifts, I LOVE to receive them! I received this gorgeous ‘Cookies in a Jar’ gift from a girlfriend of mine over Christmas, it was the perfect gift! Basically its all the dry components to a cookie recipe, layered in a jar, and all you need to add are the wet ingredients and bake it, make sure you put it all into an air tight glass jar, decorate it up and voila its the perfect ‘interactive’ home baked gift.

So Ive been eyeing it off sitting on the bench and today I found some time to bake them. They were super easy and uh oh super tasty! By the time I’ve taken the pics since Ive baked them, and loaded the images up Ive eaten four :) *(insert evil laugh here). x

Ok so make that 5 cookies now that Im about to publish! ahahaha x

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New Babushka Love card up online

Everybody loves a Basbushka Doll , or had one in their home growing up right? I even have a set of Ninja style Basbushka Dolls on our shelf at home. New Babushka Love cards are up online on my Muska & Elvis made it store and up on my Muska & Elvis Etsy  store. Matching gift tags are coming soon, and next week I will have the Babushka Love Christmas Collection cards and gift tags up online, which you can purchase separately or in packs. Watch this space!

Enjoy your Thursday, its almost Friday! x

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Sometimes the best gifts are handmade #2

So if putting together a stationery set isn’t your thing, and your best at baking, rather than designing and cutting and painting, how about another home made gift idea?

Everyone has that dish or that recipe that you know you have finally mastered, one that people may associate you with, and if its something that people like you should make it especially for them.

Two good friends of mine have just recently launched their online wedding registry ‘From the Owl’, (the website launches today – watch this space as I will have a post all about it in detail this week- its very exciting!). They threw a launch party at their showroom last week so I put together a small ‘congrats’ gift personally for them.

My ‘thing’ is gingy bread, ever since I made little pink iced gingy hearts and bottled them to give my wedding guests, they have become a favourite gift for me to dress up and give at christmas, for birthdays, baby showers or just a hello Im thinking of you.

So for this treat I thought I would cut the gingy bread into their initials and base the whole colour theme around aqua and lavender and it was a first…. I changed my recipe a little and made dairy free gingy bread to meet one of their dietary needs.

Next time your looking for that personal gift again made with love, maybe give baking a try? x

Cutting out the gingy bread into ‘M’s & ‘A’s’

Fresh baked Gingy bread straight out of the oven

Icing the biccies

Bottle the love

I made a label with a best before date and ingredients list to tie around the jar and attached it with grosgrain ribbon and tied a bow at the back

Personalise the card (I hand cut the initals to show through the design behind)

And the finished gift – ready to eat!

Muska & Elvis

Sometimes the best gifts are homemade…

No matter how many new stores there are or the mass of online shopping website that we have access to these days, it can still be very difficult to find that perfect gift, and sometimes you have the perfect gift in mind, but its not personal, or you can see it for sale on every corner…. sometimes the best gifts are homemade….

Recently I made a gift for one of my closest girlfriends, she has a love…no wait she adores…(no wait maybe its an obsession) with the typeface Love Letter. It came about a few years ago when I made a personalised card for her birthday and the rest is history. Now whenever I see the type face I tend to brand her with it, as it suits her so much and when I use it I instantly link it to her. I also know that she also shares the same thought that I have, that the written letter is not dead, she loves to write a good thank you note, cool cards and unusual stationery.

So I put together her very own personalised stationery set. I already had in mind the paper I would use – Knight Linen, that it would be black and white only (that is also very her) and I’d be keeping it very simple and understated. There would be writing paper, and note cards for the short notes, matching envelopes and grosgrain black and white pinstripe ribbon to seal any letters up. BUT they needed to be housed into the perfect box? And the perfect box I found…. at Rozelle markets, a second hand box, that used to be a suggestions box at a little B&B in Ireland. The inside needed a bit of work, but otherwise perfect even with a letter slot at the top! So with a bit of help from the mister, he cleaned out the inside and gave it a a coat of paint, I lined the bottom with one of my pattern prints and it became the perfect box to house the set. The box also became a star player amongst the gift.

I enjoyed making the gift sooooo much, and I also really enjoyed the fact that she loved the gift (especially the box) and that it is unique and hers only, so next time you need to find that perfect gift remember that sometimes the best gifts are homemade x