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Graphic Design Services

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! Graphic design is my thing, I am an experienced Designer, Illustrator and a fully trained Finished Artist. What does this mean you ask yourself? A finished Artists? Do you paint? No, I don't but I can if you request it in your project!
It means that I absolutely know what I am doing from start to finish, you can trust me with your baby, that you won't end up with flimsy files with printers telling you they cant use them, or printed items set up incorrectly. I give you the proper file formats, set up correctly. I can design and illustrate, and then I can make sure your designs are in perfect order for whatever you need them for. I am actually the real deal. Working professionally in agencies, studios and freelancing the best part of the last 22 years.

Short in stature, but never short in information, and communication to make you feel at ease and to understand everything going on within your project, I'll explain all the design jargon, and all the print technicalities, so you know will never feel left in the dark. I work with you to get exactly what you envisioned, not something you just want to settle for, or that is 'just good enough'.

With almost 22 years in the industry, I have worked on many International & Domestic brands, such as Unilever, Streets, Kimberly Clark, Johnson & Johnson, Boral, Breville, Sage UK, University of Wollongong, University of Sydney, NRL, (with extensive experience in FMCG packaging design & artwork and packaging in general) as well as many small & local businesses in not just food and product - also including restaurants, preschools, surf clubs and various businesses and Real Estates. I can help bring your visions together, whether it be packaging, POS, outdoor, vehicle, business stationery, print, illustrations, templates, social media posts, I am your little lady! (no really I'm not even 5ft). I also freelance remotely Domestic & International for contract work in Design and Finished Art.

Contact me to chat more, I'd love to hear more about what your needs are,
and I can put together a free quotation.