Sneaky mum – my ‘mum’ uniform


It has clearly become more evident that since I have become a ‘mum’ I have regained my love for sneakers, and my collection has really grown…as the Mister put it, every time he sees me eyeing off a pair – he will say ‘Remember Lea, this is your life now…comfort’ and then off I go to the sale assistant ‘A size 6 in these please!’ Thanks for adding to my shoe addiction….

Just recently we knocked away a cupboard underneath the stairs to a storage space like 5 times bigger than what was there, that cupboard held all of my shoes…well to be corrected…it held all of my heels and boots! Most of which has barely been worn for the past few years, I clearly had my favourites to wear when I do wear do heels (like 2 pairs), but many were dusty and I actually did a big cull and I realised how much I just wear sandals and sneakers (saltwater sandals have been my sandal of choice for the past 2 summers – tan, black and rose gold and these are all I have been wearing, and yes you can wear them in the water, I often wear them at the beach, and I don’t have enough time to take them off when chasing the Lil Mister when he spots the ocean from the many parks down here that we go to, on the beach, and yes they still look like new).

I also noticed that most of them are black! I am dying to get a pair of white superstars. I kick myself and cannot fathom why I threw out the 3 pairs I had as a teen/early 20’s – I had black stripe, baby pink, and lime. But I do feel that a white pair of sneaker + myself + my children and their choice of activities would not last!

Anyways I thought I’d share with you my absolutes favs – I am in love with all of my Reebok classics they are honestly the most comfy ones yet, as well as my New Balance 410’s. Another thing that has changed is that I started using a backpack, more so when I’m doing activities with the kids solo, so that I’m hands free. I know, I know, I am still conscious of what my backpack looks like, so instead of using the small one I already had attached to our massive backpacker bag hahaha I bought this tan fake leather one from Sportsgirl last year, being non leather it wipes really well, lots of messy hands and lots of outdoor floors! Another lifesaver of mine are twist knot or turban headbands! I buy most of mine from Topknotgirl, I like the basic plain colours, if I don’t have time to do my hair, up it goes with one of these babies, during the day or even at night and I’m done baby!

Ever since I had Lil M, I always found the best way to deal with the day, even if you are not going out, is to change out of your Pj’s or whatever you wear to bed, into a new outfit, and get presentable, just to pull your hair back (or in my case get that headband on) and make a coffee. AND yes I use reusable coffee cups around the house. My trusty Frank Green, my kids are so unpredictable at least I know its not hot to touch, and I close it off when I’m not drinking it, so there are no breakages and spillages hahaha yep organised hahaha!

Apart from right now, where if you read my last post leggings/jeggings or no pants at all are my choice of pant right now, I also wear lots of pairs of jeans, preferable high waisted for comfort and skinny leg, and this my friends, is my choice of mum uniform ;)



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