DIY Rotating Kids Artwork Wall


Our Lil M LOVES to draw, is there something bigger than love? If there is that is how she feels about drawing. She also loves to create things, and ‘craft’ of course being a child of the Mister & I, she has an abundance of different materials and media to use. Different types of crayons, different types of pencils, she knows Daddy’s Posca’s are for drawing not colouring in, I have a tray under my desk that I fill with scraps of papers she is can use and take when she wants and we have 2 large boxes full of craft supplies upstairs and downstairs. So of course we have a lot of artworks created for us. The fridge just wouldn’t do! So we set out to create something we could hang a lot of her artworks on, and also use it as an ‘artwork piece’ itself, if you have read previous posts (or you know us) we love to different artworks all over our walls. At first it was going to be just a few lines of wire held up via wood posts, but once we chose the space we wanted to use – a wall in our kitchen/dining area – we initially chose a wall in our front living room, but we spend so much time in this space that we thought it would be great to have it in here, we often find ourselves just standing looking at them all, and Lil M telling us stories about them. Once it gets full, and an artwork gets taken down, I bought a large scrap book to paste them into afterwards to keep.


We used dowel, and a wire kit ( we actually had left over wire and wire ties from recently doing our deck fence – you can buy similar at Bunnings/harware stores, we bought ours from a wholesaler in Mascot, you could also use rope and knot the ends instead)


Again it is very self explanatory, but we bought a thick piece of dowel, and had it cut into 10mm lengths (you can get them to do this for you at Bunnings / Masters etc).


A hole was drilled through the centre, and then drilled through into the sides where the wire will go, and then crewed into the wall using wall anchors.


The finish on the ends is up to you, originally we had painted them bright colours, but the final finish I cut black vinyl to cover the ends (you could use contact or decals).


Once you have screwed the pegs into place it is just a matter of working out how and where you want the wire to sit. We drew ours out first, the design went from 3 horizontal straight lines, to a zig zag formation, to the cross formation we ended up with. We use wooden pegs to hang them up. It just really depends how big the piece is that you have to work with.


This project is something we have been talking about doing for months, like 6 months or more and didn’t get around to doing, we wish we had done it earlier, but we are so happy it is up, but Lil M is going to have to share the spotlight with Mr Lil M soon, as this little guy looks like he is following in her footsteps, and is happy with a crayon in his hand too!




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