Some healthy treats for you!


My family love to eat…all the time! They also, have a lot of energy and love treats, don’t we all! I really like to try and make sure that we all eat pretty balanced. We do tend to watch and read what is in a lot of things we buy from the supermarket, we don’t eat a lot out of packets for snacks, and don’t keep things like chips and things in our pantry its better out of sight out of mind here hahaha and I try to make a lot of our own foods (Don’t get me wrong, we love to indulge in naughty cakes and treats, we are not strict on it, but not all the time, and not for everyday). I like to keep a good selection of snacks that the Mister can take to work, that I can grab for a quick breakie, or that I can give the kids during the day or put into Lil M’s lunch box, that is good for them and will give them energy and fill them up without loads of sugar or salts. So I’m sharing some of our family favs. Not all are pictured, only what I had already made up this week. Everything you can freeze which is great as it keeps so much longer, and it will defrost by the time the Mister eats his for break time, or Lil M for morning tea if I get it out early morning.

My family don’t have any allergies, but a lot of these treats are good for those who can’t have gluten or nuts, and dairy  (most of these don’t have nuts either, as Lil M’s pre school is nut free, like most schools, so it make sit easier that I don’t use them so they can still go to school with her)


So I’ll start with a huge fav, oat flour choc chip cookies. Now these have dark choc in them, instead of the choc chips I use Old Gold 70% cocoa, cut into chunks, I’ve also used dairy free choc for friends who have dairy allergies. I have also made these with only half the sugar (I use coconut sugar) These also do not last long in our home! There are 2 versions, one is made with all oat flour, and the other keeps some oats whole. You can get the brilliant recipe here, from Chelsea’s Messy Apron website.


I absolutely love Quirky recipes for my Thermomix, and one of my favs is I’s 30 sec choc cake.  Its ok if you don’t have a Thermomix, just do the same in a food processor until it all mixed, may take a bit longer than 30 secs. But I make this regularly, and its great to whip up if you have visitors in the morning. I use coconut oil instead of macadamia, and it still tastes great, and I’ve also used buckwheat flour when I haven’t had any spelt flour. Again this goes way too fast in our house!


This one is the Misters absolute fav! It is a healthy hedgehog slice. The original recipe has icing for the top, but I leave this off, it is great without. The first time I made this I didn’t have puffed rice, and I wasn’t bothered to make it, but I had some Disney frozen puffed rice cereal things that were pretty low in sugar/salt etc, so I used these and they worked great, it needs that crunch. I have also only made this with cashews not walnuts and it is brilliant, we keep it the freezer. You can get the recipe here from Loose Baby Weight website.


I just recently bought A Healthy Mum’s E- Book collection of whole food breakfast ideas and lunches. There are soon many great recipes, so far Ive made these…up the back, is the banana muesli bar, the one up the front are sweet potato muesli bars, and the one on the right (My new fav and Lil M’s) is the Bircher museli cookie. We like our spice here, and the second batch I made of these cookies I doubled the ginger, and it was a hit here. Another one her recipes I make of Stacey’s is the Frozen Berry Oat Slice. You can purchase her E-books here, well worth it!

Another weekly must that I routinely bake are these Banana and blueberry oat muffins, made with greek yoghurt. I make these with just banana (as Lil M does like blueberries baked of course) so I used 3 bananas instead of 2) these are also at their best when instead of using blueberries substitute with raspberries. I keep a handful out in a container, and the rest I pop in the freezer, if you want one straight away from the freezer just microwave for 30-40secs. The recipe if from here – Bowl of Delicious

Now I don’t have pictures, but some more favs that I make here at home are salted caramel protein balls (if we don’t have choc protein powder that the kids can have I just use raw cacao, I call these choc balls to the kids, they devour them! They are from Nadia Felsch’s website here.

Lemon coconut balls from The Organised Housewife here.

Choc mint energy bites, from Sally’s Baking Addiction website here.

All of these are very easy and pretty quick to make. I like to put aside an hour and a bit on a  Sunday afternoon, or a Monday morning to make a few of these and have them ready for the week. Happy baking! xx



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