Potato Stamping the easy way


I’ve always put off potato stamping, because I think of the time I need to carve out the potato, so to me it means planning in advance, rather than a quick thinking distraction activity for the kids to get busy with. But then I thought surely I can just use my cookie cutters and cut around them – Yep I thought it was my own genius, but no of course I find out Martha Stewart has of course beat me to it hahaha.


But all in all, I did these while I was waiting for the toast to be done, and a few mins more. My images are pretty self explanatory, so cut your potato’s in half and then use the cookie cutter to press almost 3/4 of the way through or even all of it, if your cutter has a ridge so you can get it back out. Then use your knife to slice around it, pull the cutter out and tah dah, easy peasy!




I created a few different paint plates, and laid out some paper and away they went! I have since found out that adding a piece of felt of something with a little bit of a more softer surface under your paper, will make for a better print, for the pressure to be right. I’ll do this next time. But the kids had a great time, the Lil Mr maybe too much fun as then he started to stamp his trackies with love hearts, thank goodness for vanish stain remover – although I always use water based non toxic (washable if possible) paints when I do anything with the kids!

So there is not debating or waiting, get your potato stamping on! x




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