Pom pom, hama bead garland


I have always loved pom poms, I clearly remembering making them with 2 cardboard circles in year 1, and then going to my grandma’s shortly after, and just sitting there wanting to make pom pom after pom, she was a big knitter, so she had all these balls of wool in different textures and colours. Although I loved it then, it is still time consuming. I made them the original way years ago, and then sort out an easier way. I tried the half loom, but to me it doesn’t give you the same volume, so I got one of those looms with double sides, and in 4 different sizes, and its fab! It is easy enough for Lil M to do it (she is on the early side of 4), and I get a nice full pom pom! So once making all of these pom poms I decided I would make a garland, and add some of the lovely coloured hama beads that Lil M (we) have an abundance of around the home! Just quietly after seeing the finished garland, Lil M decided it would be best as a scarfie, so watch this space for more pom poming!


The deliciousness colours of the pom poms and beads together!


Now I’m not doing a tut on how to use the pom pom loom, it is pretty self explanatory, but you can see how it works just like our ‘old fashioned’ cardboard way.



Once you start to pull the loom apart the beauty of the pom pom reveals itself!


Lil M could do it too, although she still hasn’t finished one (she choose the largest loom), she has been coming back to it.


You can buy hama beads from your usual craft stores, or a large tub of multicoloured beads from Ikea. We have those, and I had purchased a small packets of these pretty pastel ones from Lincraft, Spotlight sell the beads in packets by colour (that I have seen at my local anyhow).


Once your poms poms are done, using an embroidery needle (you need it to be long enough to get through your pom), and some embroidery thread, thread through your first pom pom. Leave about 20cm or so at the end before you tie a knot, so that you have thread to hang the garland, and do this at the end too.


I used a medium size pom, and 20 beads between each section.



Yep it is that easy. Make it as long or short as you like, hang it vertical or horizontal. Now I have a lot more pom pom making to go, if I am going make Lil M a pom pom scarf before winter is over!


Ahh if you look closely I didn’t realise Lil M’s special ‘sticky jewel’ she had stuck onto one of the poms is still there! Hahaha!




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