Taming a toddler (again) for $20 and endless fun – Pipe Dreaming


My kids absolutely love the Discovery Space at UOW, and amongst the forever changing and large amount of activities, the magnetic pipe and ball walls that are inside and outside are one of the Lil Mr’s fav’s (at the centre they are attached to magnetic boards, and have blockers, so that you can create crazy paths for the ball to fall, he still needs me to set it up for him, but it really get the kids thinking, and it is such a reward once they get it to work – I even get chuffed when I work a good one out hahaha).

Below is the magnetic one at the Discovery Space.


He really doesn’t stay still for long, but this intrigues him. After out last visit I mentioned it my Big Mister, and of course I see his mind ticking over, and a few seconds later he says…When we go to Bunning’s on the weekend, I’m going to get some pipes and make one on our fence. (note ‘when’ we go to Bunnings, not ‘if’ or ‘lets’ go to Bunnings, it’s like out second home, and Lil M can recognise the logo anywhere, and on Sunday when we asked her what park we should start off at, she asked to go to the Bunnings park! hahaha).

So here we go…He created it for approx $20 – (for pipes and screws), you could do it cheaper, it depends on what size pipes you buy etc, and that is totally up to you. He bought 3 x 6cm width pipes, pre cut at 1m lengths. (this size is not big enough for a tennis ball, you would need to go wider. We have lots of smaller balls from other kids toys hanging around thats we used).


Draw a line as a guide to cut in half lengthways ( don’t forget your safety gear)


Now you can’t see it once they are up, but depending if you wanted colour on the inside, you can spray them different colours, do this now before you attach, and let it dry.






Then attach to your wall/fence. It is best to do it with the ball as you go. At the start, only screw in one side and angle it to the next pipe, and test that the ball rolls onto the next one, then attach the second screw at the other end. Its just playing around with what ball you are using and your angles with the space you have.


He did it a little higher than our little guy could reach, as it is at a height that Lil M can reach, and you know, they grow so quick, and he will be able to reach soon enough!


Soon enough their cars and trucks came out and the 3 of them were having races. Fun for everyone! If anyone give it a go, I would love to see pics! Had fun! x



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