Taming a toddler for $6


My Lil M is a very creative one, and the Lil Mr is showing he could be too. They both love to draw, and paint and make. I guess having all the different supplies and media at your fingertips, they are lucky to experiment with a wide range tools.

Lil M need to be busy and is most happy creating and like most kids love to get messy!

The Mr saw something similar to this on the web, and suggested she would love it, so we bought 4 x $1.50 plastic spray bottles from our local bargain shop. Used acrylic paint we already had, mixed it with water and tah dah! A little bit of awesome was created!


The ratio of paint with water, really depends on how big your bottle and how thick your paint is, but you want it have a consistency that isn’t too watery when you spray it on the paper. You also want a big sheet. It was raining yesterday when we did this, otherwise we would have done this on the grass, or up on the fence. We did it on our deck, so we used an old picnic rug (as the waterproof backing) as a drop sheet, the paint that got off the sheet did come off with a wet rag, but just in case. A paint smock is a good idea too.


She had an absolute ball! The best bit was that the colours would all run into another and she had fun mixing them to see what they would make, then once one side was done, we turned it around so she had a fresh canvas and she started to be more ‘precise’ about where she was spraying and how it was spraying. It was a definite win!


I was lucky enough to have this big piece of backing card from a paper delivery. If you dont have anything similar, I’d try using cutting out the sides of brown boxes from Bunnings or your local supermarket, the thickness was good as toddlers really dont have a stop button, and this way they would go crazy spraying with the water without the paper starting to tear from all the pressure hahaha!

Have fun! x



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