Muska & Elvis

Making of an indoor cubby


Firstly I am sorry it has been so long. Life happens! Since I last wrote, I guess the tiny dude has been so active, my business has been busier, and I have also gone back to work – part time designing locally. The past year I found it the most challenging for me, and I do have high expectations of myself and had to let some things go (another blog post in itself to come), and this was one of them. But I want to come back again and be more consistent with my posts – trying to get one up at least once a week, as there are a lot of things I want to share more in depth, and followers on FB and Instagram ask for more detail and images on certain posts, and just anything else I feel like sharing or posting about more in depth. Now one that has been a long time coming and I am sorry for the long delay (like about a year!) is the indoor cubby the Mister built for the kids.


We had this little nook upstairs, just off our large rumpus area where we spend a lot of our time. We had a chair there, but it wasn’t really used, then we made a fabric tent for the kids and put a rug there, that lasted for a while, but it still felt like it had a lot more potential. The mister always had big plans for it….then he had some time off after we went on an overseas holiday (another post there on how to entertain a toddler on a plane, and tips and tricks that have worked for us when traveling with kids on previous trips).

Because of the narrow space, having 2 levels really made sense of really getting the most out of the space. Upstairs, he secured shelving on both sides. One side has the short Ikea book shelving, so Lil M could put all of her fav paper books there (you know paper books that babies rip, so best to keep them away from him), also all of her sticker and colouring books. On the other side is a wider shelf and a smaller one, that could house her big Peppa Pig collection, you know it – the house, the playground, the spaceship, the castle cart, the caravan etc….. It has been almost a year since this was built, and her interest have changed, so it also now holds… wait for it… Shopkins, and Small Frozen figurines too. So Christoff meets Daddy Pig! Also a ton of crafty things are up there too now. What you can’t see in the pics, as I took most of the pics the day of, the next day he also put horizontal railings over where the window was, just as a security measure.


‘Downstairs’, we put their table and chairs with their huge drawing pad attached, and the Mister attached a towel rail across the wall, and we bought Ikea herb pots to hang off it, to hold crayons, pencils, texts and chalk, or the odd stuffed Pony – as on the other wall is a painted chalkboard section, which they love, and the honeycomb copper mirrors we bought from Ikea too, we used half a packet, the kids love looking into them. Last Christmas we bought them an Omy super larger colouring poster, we attached it to the wall with wash tape, and every now and then they add a little bit to it. All artworks of course by yours truly hehehe (click here to see my Big Cartel store)



I also chose some super bright fabrics to make 2 huge cushions they could lounge on underneath or take up top to read. Since this was made, downstairs has been very versatile to move with their needs and interests…For a while there we had moved the tables and chairs out as the Lil Mr M was climbing a lot, they are now back in, and up the back we now have a little play kitchen. There is also a powerpoint in that corner, and to be safe, we had it disconnected and have safety plugs in it for piece of mind.

The kids adore this space, and Lil M likes to go up there to have her own time to herself, it is going to be a while yet until the Lil Mr M can use the top, but soon enough. Hopefully this inspires you to look at any little unused space into something super fun!






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