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Printable Crowns!

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My baby loves craft! She will ask to play ‘craft!’ and I have a big box full of my paper scraps and cuts, pom poms, sequins, buttons, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, you name it and I just let her go nuts! (like mother, like daughter). I have already made her a fabric sequin crown, almost 2 years ago (original post is here), which thankfully she still loves, and she has a few headband ones too, then she came to me and said mum I want a princess crown please, I said you have many, she said, no with flowers! Ahhhh ok then…. so I whipped up one on the computer (now only saying whipped up because I can. because I am a graphic designer), printed it out, cut it up, tied some ribbon to it and she was smitten! So smitten that it hung round for ages, so I made plain ones, and ones without colour for her to decorate herself and they were a hit!

So naturally I have created them as printables, there are various sets available, either $5AUD or $6AUD, and you will get a high res PDF with 4 – 6 designs, including one with a pattern, that can be coloured in, and a blank which is only limited to your child’s imagination! Keep them for a rainy day, or they would be an awesome addition to a kids party, even using them as a party activity, you can’t go wrong.

There are three sets to choose from, or at that price take them all! Enjoy! xx

Link to the crown in store here

PrintableCrown_IG Printable_Crown_M_Hero


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