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It’s all about the clouds!


What is it about little happy clouds that we love so much? I guess when they are attached to rainbows it makes us even happier! I have just released a whole heaps of happy little cloud design in my Etsy store, prints and garlands to suit all your moods! xx Click here for my store

Clouds_Black_Blue_Print Clouds_Black_White_Flat2Clouds_Black_Pink_Print  Clouds_Mint_White_Print

Muska & Elvis

Free Printable – Lolly Bag Labels and fab party ideas!


I have been having a whole heaps of fun designing and creating using Avery – Celebrate with Avery printables. I have created a donut party from the printable invitations, circle stickers to use as seals, on milk bottles and even to stick on the wall*, and lolly bag labels. These are my fav as they come with the cello bag and all you have to do is peel and stick and it looks so professional! ha! You can purchase this whole set as files over at my Etsy store here $20AUD will get you double sides DIY invitations , with 3 different sprinkle backs, a sticker set with 3 different donut designs, 3 sprinkle designs and a mixed donut design, and a set of 4 different coloured sprinkle lolly bags (pink, choc, mint & lavender).
I am giving away free here a version of those lolly bags as a printable in just pink and choc.

The great thing with printables is that you can print as many as you like and they dont need to be used just for parties, use them as gifts as decorations, endless possibilities!

So get baking and give out some treats! Download your free printable here MuskaElvis_Donut_PartyBag_FreePrintable

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*the sticker stock are not decals, I have used the stickers and stuck them on my wall, and they were fine, but it may peel paint from your wall depending on what or how it is painted with ;)

donut_party_2 donut_party_3