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Letters to my children


Especially now that I have children of my own, my parents are constantly telling me stories about how I was when I was younger, and what they used to think and do, and how they felt during certain moments in my life. When Lil M was born I had so much to tell her, there was so much I wanted her to know right there and then, but she won’t ever know or understand what I am saying. I knew there would be so much I would want to share with her and I wanted her to know my feelings of her in real time. So I designed a letterhead just for her and kept an empty letter in an envelope in my hospital bag, so I could write her a letter telling her exactly how it felt to meet her, no details missing to my memory. Then I realised I would always have so much to say, so I printed out more, and every now and then I sit down to pen a letter to my little darling. Of course I have continued this with the birth of Mr Lil M. I put each one in an envelope and date them and keep them in a box along with all the cards and notes we have given her so far, even Christmas tags from her first Christmas.

I tell her how much she amazes us with her curiosity and determination to learn and to soak up the world around her, how much of a little adrenaline seeker she is, which I love, but scares me at the same time, but I know I have to let her explore, and that she will get her own bumps and scratches along the way, that she is such a funny little entertainer, with such a huge personality, always trying to make us laugh, and that she loves to dance (love is an understatement, especially if Pharrell’s Happy comes on) and how kind and nurturing she is (her toys get the most kisses in the house), I also tell her how she can also be so naughty, but that at the same time it can be so funny when she chucks a tanty and that she is so brilliant at ‘fake’ crying and peeking through her hands to see if we are watching (how does a 2 year old know how to do these things?!), and that we have to hide or turn around to hide our laughter. Or that time I had to carry her under my arm to the car whilst kicking and screaming, whilst pushing Mr Lil M in the pram to the car, because she didn’t want to leave and wanted to hang out with a weird and freaky looking doll (from my point of view, any real life looking baby doll freaks me out!) from a playgroup. Or how recently she has heard me say the ‘F’ word once which I rarely ever say, and now she has been using it in a Monster voice tone whenever she drops something, and now I’m in damage control to get her back to saying Oh no! (it’s slowly working if you are interested, and I’m constantly ‘dropping’ things in her presence saying ‘Oh no!’)

Mr Lil M, so far only has one letter, but his next one I’ll be sure to tell him that he doesn’t give me much sleep lately, but that on the upside it means I get sneaky warm cuddles while everyone is sleeping, that when he smiles my heart absolutely melts, and that I wonder whoever else’s heart he may melt in the future, and that he loves really long ‘chats’ with Daddy, and that his sister absolutely well and truly adores him and thinks it’s the funniest when he ‘does big fart’ or ‘big burp’.

To be honest I had not opened the box for a while properly, I’ve only put things in it, until this morning to take some pictures for his post, and so many gorgeous moments came flooding back to me, even just my eye catching Lil M’s hospital band when she was born made me feel so elated, I am so happy to have this box not just for my children (who I will give them their boxes and contents at a very later stage to keep, in the mean time I can’t wait to read them the letters or let them read them, once they are much older, enough to understand and to appreciate the moments shared – maybe when they are 18 or 21? Who knows, I’ll know when) but also for me and the Mister to go back in time a little, as time is moving far too quickly for our liking.

Don’t think that it is too late to start either, I think that any memory you can hold onto is one to be cherished. x

I actually picked this box up at one of my fav secondhand markets straight of the bat, it’s part of 3 that nest together, as Lil M’s collection grew I needed a bigger box and this was perfect and now I also have another the same for Mr Lil M.



If you would like a custom pdf letterhead designed by me for your child, please feel free to contact me x


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