DIY Easter surprise! An ‘almost’ choc free toddler gift


How is Easter get here already!? It’s already a quarter of a year over! So Lil M is still only 2 so I think we will be waiting until next year for her first easter egg hunt which I cannot wait for, and being so little we are also not giving her a truck load of chocolate. Last year she received a super cute yellow spot egg cup (which has since broken – not by her) a good sized Max Brenner egg (that took her about a month to eat a little bit here and here ha! And it was one of her first tastes of the good stuff) and who we all now know as Spot, a Craftholic rab toy we purchased for her in Singapore earlier that year who is now one of her besties!

This year I went a bit DIY. I am in love with all the blank goods available from Blank. As soon as I saw the blank hollow eggs, I was sold and I had so many ideas running through my head for Lil M, she loves nesting dolls, we have a few OMM sets that she adores, so I thought she would love opening these to find a little surprise in each!

This was so much fun to do, although I changed my mind on one and I did a complete overhaul, many coates later I was happy (the gold and peach egg), I just used acrylic paint, to do the perfect spots, I cut holes out of some very low tack white sticker paper I had, then used them as a mask to paint over, then peeled off.


One egg is filled with a big heap of scratch ‘n sniff stickers – again this little lady is crazy for stickers, the scent is an added bonus to the excitement! Another is filled with hair clips from The Kid Store (co-lab with Milk n Soda), and the other is filled with a Lindt chicken – only one just fit, but she can have the rest hanging outside,  oh and the little wooden rabbit toy is a little click clack I also bought from The Kid Store, she already has a pig that was a gift that keeps her busy for a while racing him along the floors!



As for the little guy, well definitely no choc for him, but I made him this little bandit bunny that I created out of some calico scraps, and left over scraps from one of his change mats I had made. I haven’t finished him yet and I’m not sure if he will work out to be what I had in my head, but if he is, you will be sure to meet him…

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 11.06.58 am

Here are a few of my picks for some choc free easter pressies!


1.Oak bunny ears egg cup by Hop & Peck   2. Rabs by Craftholic   3. Miss Rabbit onsie (illustration) by Laura Blythman available at The Club of Odd Volumes   4. Mr Agent poster available from MiniWilla   5. Graphic Knitten beanies available from Larkstore   6. Animal egg cups also available at Larkstore   7. Balthazar the knitted bunny available from Bla Bla   8. Bunny plate by Omm available from Made590   9. Miffy Books available from Kinokuniya   10. Amugurumi Moustache Crochet Bunny available from Whitesundays on Etsy   11. Bunny Girl illustration by Nomuu   12. Miffy money box available at Shorties Kids

Happy Easter have a wonderful time spent with family and friends! xx


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