DIY side tables – spruce up an old favourite!


Everybody knows this stool/table, and if you don’t have one, you know someone who has one. It’s the Frosta stool from Ikea, at I think about $14.99 it’s a steal. We actually bought one to put into Lil M’s nursery beside her feeding chair so I could place a drink (and maybe a snack or two) onto it. Once M was crawling, it became a fun tiny tunnel for her to crawl through, once she was walking it became a flying saucer, where we would turn it upside down, while she held onto the legs and bopped ‘go go go!’ with excitement as we slowly pushed her around the carpet on it. Then finally it became a makeshift bedside table for me when we moved into our new home, until we found ones that we liked.

But then one day we looked at it differently and decide it could stay, we would buy it a twin and give them just a little bit of colour….

All you need is some masking tape and a can of paint in your colour choice!


Mask up where you want the colour to start and finish on the legs, and then mask the very edge of the top of the stool, so that the colour will be only applied to the outer edging.



Then spray and allow to dry, it’s really as simple as that, you may look at the little Frosta differently too next time :) x



(and yes I spruced up what was on my bedside table for these pics, of course in reality it was more interesting than the usual baby monitor, my water bottle and my iPhone on charge! hehehe)


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