The princess of spots! DIY fabric sequin spot crown. (and a short note on where I have been and being present with my tiny)


Ok here I go with apologies again, about being so absent on here! The past 6-7 months have been super busy, super busy in the sense that I’m pregnant with our second, we did a big house move, and I’m chasing after a very active Lil M. You know there is this pre-conceived idea that when you are home with a baby/toddler that you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want, like you are a lady/man of leisure…WRONG, to be honest going back to work and working part time 2 days a week, those days were more low key, than the days I was at home with the tiny, it can be full on at home – I’m not complaining, just saying! And don’t get me wrong I had this pre-conceived idea too before I had a child. In the early days she slept lots and I could do what I wanted when she slept, and very quickly (I’m talking months) she was awake more and more, and when she is awake my full attention is on her. Maybe it can work for other parents but for me, I cannot sit on the computer and design, let alone answer an email properly without absent mindedly writing ‘do you want a moo cow shake?’ and any other conversation I am having with her at the same time, nor can I sew, I can’t even cut out fabric if she is on the loose (while she is in her high chair yes maybe – she is super quick and gets into anything and everything and almost every week we are finding something new that needs to be put higher or another child lock on it).

But you know what I also don’t want to, she is only little once, these times are so precious and she is growing up way too fast – ( insert tear here), so I decide to work around it, I try to get up early before she wakes and I can get an hour (maybe 2 if I’m lucky) to do what I need to do. I’m lucky she sleeps well so I often get a few hours in the day at nap time and I work away like a mad woman, and then once she is in bed. Sounds like a lot of time, but in reality some days, I may wake at 6am and she decides to wake at 6.30am, and then she may only want to sleep a hour at nap time, once the Mister is home I really love family time, we have a blast together, and then hey I’m pregnant and when she is in bed after we tidy, shower whatever else is needed, I just want to hang with the Mister and watch a movie and eat cake! (Oh and about this pregnancy thing I’ve been madly making things for new bub and nesting and organising for it’s arrival in a matter of about 3 weeks! Lots of posts about this to come.) So I’m really trying to be present with her, with our lives being so busy these days trying to multitask the world and social media in our faces, I want to sit on the ground and do puzzles with her, and draw a car 20 times over whenever she asks, and take her out to be in the fresh air and explore, and play little people farms for ages making animal noises with her.

The Mister even decided his new years resolution was to not engage on his phone while with her, to just be with her. I think this is very important, so this is why I have I have been so slack on here, although I have plenty of posts in the making, it is just finding the time to get them out (ps. It’s 12.50am right now on a Sat night)- but have no fear they will all get out, and I am very regular on my Instagram account if you just like updated visuals, so please come by and say hello @muskaelvis. I am still here :) x

Ok, ok so enough of that you just want to see the spotty crown!!!!
Here we go, as I have explained before I’m an amateur sewer, and take on a bit of a cow girl approach and just go for it, so you won’t see perfect edges and articulate sewing! :)

Lil M was invited to a princess party and alas, she is not a real dress up princess type (yet, who knows we will see), so I thought I’d make her a crown to wear that was really her! So I put together this fluro sequin spot crown, and she loves it, some mornings she asks to put it on and just goes about her daily routine, you know eats breakfast in it, we have taken her grocery shopping in it, it was a winner!

You will need

Fabric (size is dependant on your crown size)
Interfacing – I used thick iron on
Velcro – only about 15cm

Ok so measure your child’s (or adults) head and then add about another 8-10cm for growth and overlap – use a piece of string if you don’t have a measuring tape. I drew up how high I wanted the crown 15cm – it will vary on your child’s head, there is no right or wrong height, then I drew up the triangle peaks onto A4 card then used this as template and repeated it, for the length (the length is your child’s head plus the extra).

I firstly ironed on my interfacing to the underside of my fabric, – so fold your fabric in half, and trace your template, remembering to leave sewing allowance for the outer sides.


And cut out


If you are going to sew sequins or embellishments, this is when you have to do it. I only had sequins on the outside, so I took one piece of the cut out brown and sewed sequins onto the spots randomly – keeping in mind where the seams would be.



Once you are done, work out where you want the velcro to go, put the 2 crown pieces back together – right side of fabric out as shown, you want to have one end of the velcro at the very edge of the crown side and then fold it over to work out where you want the sizing to be – keeping in mind, he idea of the velcro is so that you can easily re-size the crown around the head and pin, and then sew.



Now turn the crown pieces so that the right sides of the fabric are facing in, and then sew them together, leaving an opening so you can turn it inside out. Cut straight along the peaks, this helps to have better points once you turn it back around. I also trimmed the raw edges. Then hand sew up the small opening once your crown is right way around.


Give it a little iron (keeping off the velcro – I didn’t and melted some of the velcro teeth), and there you have it an awesome fabric crown, enjoyed by all, for all of your princesses and princes and kings and queens! x



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