Skulls, robots, t-rex & a DIY Christmas tree angel

I’ve always found it hard to find a star or an angel that I actually like to sit onto of my Christmas tree. This year we decided on a black & white theme for our tree and I had the perfect idea of what would sit on top, and here it is….

All you need is some scrap cardboard, pieces of felt in the colours you wish to use (I didn’t even use a whole sheet of felt of each colour for this), a foam cone/ball (I bought this from Spotlight, it was shamrock brand, a few dollars for a pk of 2, I initially wanted just a foam ball for the head, but found these), a pipe cleaner, and a hot glue gun.


Wrap your card around your foam form to create a cone shape and secure with hot glue.


Once the card is secure and the glue is set, trim the base so that it sits flush.


Cut little ‘U’ scalloped shapes in random sizes from your felt.


Then starting from the base hot glue them to the card, go around the circumference first slightly overlapping each one, then start onto the next row above, and keep going until you reach the neck lie, right under the angels face, and line the top edges up.


Using your pipe cleaner, loop and twist it to create a halo with a stand, chop off any excess, but leave enough to glue onto the back of your angel head.


Secure the halo onto the back of your angel’s head using hot glue.


Then cut some teeny tiny little eyes out of your left over felt and glue to your angel’s face, mine is sleeping sleeping!

And there you have it, an angel made by you for your Christmas tree!



I thought that I would also share with you the rest of our tree following our black & white theme, with a few surprises amongst the branches!







Next week I will post on the pops of colour I’ve added to kurt Christmas decorations and the wrapping (we have a little tiny and I feel we still need to have some colour visually for her, especially for her wrapped presents!).

Until then enjoy your week! x

If you are inspired by our tree here are the details on where it is all from!

Tree – Big W
All bauble decorations (loving the matt black and sparkly black) – Big W
White tinsel (originally wanted black could not find it anywhere! Came across this matt white tinsel) – Coles
White lights (which you cannot see) – Big W
Robots, skull & t-rex decorations – Typo


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