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Firstly I apologise that it has been sooooo long in-between posts! I’ve been a very busy bee! I have another bub on the way, (the first 3 months or so had me in a not so great state, so I took a break from Muska & Elvis, and then we had a huge house move while I was starting to come better, only now am I starting to settle, knowing where everything is, the boxes are unpacked and I’ve been able to finish and start projects I’ve had lying around!

So if you remember at my baby shower for my first hub Lil M (who is nowhere near a bub anymore) I had asked my lovely lady guests to write a message to my unborn daughter, and then make that paper into an origami crane, then the idea was for me to assemble it into a mobile for her room – almost 2 years later… I finally completed it! Click here for all the details from my baby shower.

So I started with all my gorgeous little origami pieces, and I divided them to make sure I had a balanced mobile. You will need 2 long pieces of wood or dow, the length will depend on how big you want your mobile, scraps of fabric, some string – I used embroidery cotton, an embroidery needle (or something that you can use to thread the string through paper and through holes in the wood), a hot glue gun and a drill.


Please excuse the pics, the day I started to put it together it was a very gloomy rainy day and lighting in our apartment was not the greatest!

So start with your 2 x pieces of wood and cross them over at the middle, use a bit of hot glue to secure. Then cut long strips of your fabric scraps to wrap around the wood, starting at the edges – again use a bit of hot glue to secure the fabric at the start and make sure you pull the fabric tight as you wrap.



Once you make your way to the centre make sure you wrap the fabric tightly around the criss cross of the two pieces of wood, this will help stabilise your frame. Continue to wrap until all the wood is covered and use a little hot glue to keep your wrap ends down.


Mark where you will drill holes to thread string through about 1 – 2 cm from each end, making sure they are all the same distance as this will help balance out your mobile. The drill hole only needs to be small as it is only string going through and you will only need to knot the top, to stop the staring slipping through.



Now just like you are about to sew, thread your needle with a long piece of string, and tie a big knot at the end even double/triple it up, as this is going to act as a stopper for the crane base, then thread the needle through the middle of the crane base to top, depending how many cranes you have and how long you want your mobile threads, tie another big knot just a little above the crane, and repeat, the knot will keep the cranes a distance apart from each other. Once you are done, thread the string through the drilled hole and make a big knot at the top to secure the string. Continue doing this until you have done all sides, and if you have more like I did, I did a thread in the middle. It can help to use 2 x chairs back to back to sit the mobile on to do the threading, as after you have done the first one, it makes it easier trying to balance out, how long you want the threads.

Once they are all done, I just wrapped a long bit of string around the top where the wood criss crossed and  tied a knot to secure, and then we hung it from a hook in the ceiling. Sorry I don’t have more detailed pics of this last stage, but if you look closely in the next few pics, I made sure you could see the knots and string wrap in the pictures.




Give it a go, it’s a lovely homemade gift to your little one to hold many memories, it would even be a nice idea to ask family and friends to write messages when they meet bub for the first time, or guests at their first birthday party or christening/naming day.

Have fun! x


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