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DIY easy string art


I’m not joking I have been wanting to make some string art for the last 5 years or so and just never got around to doing it. The closest I came to it was making some string art heart cards earlier this year on kraft card. I don’t know why I hadn’t just started it, as it is so simple and fun to do, and very inexpensive you most probably have everything you need already lying around at home.

I got this piece of wood free from an off cut bin at Bunnings, score! The mister had these nails already, (it is best if they have quite a flat head to stop the string popping off the top!) And of course you need some string – I have used Brickie’s line in fluro pink that I already had a reel of, I also bought this from Bunnings previously.

Measure out your piece of wood, and create a template so you can draw/print/position what and where you want your design. I transferred my design onto the wood, by tracing over it with a bit of weight so that I could make a very fine indent of where my design is placed. You could also just tape your paper to the wood, then nail the nails in, then rip the paper away before you start to use the string.


Depending on your design, evenly space the nails out, remember you will need nails wherever there is a corner to make sure you get that sharp edge. Also make sure that the nails are in steady enough to withstand the pull of the string, yet high enough to have the string wrapped around several times.


Tie your string to a starting nail, then string away! I didn’t really have a set plan, other than I started with an outline, then worked from left to right and back again, making sure that I filled all the spaces in between and that the letter was clearly being formed. Once you are satisfied it has come together, tie a knot around a nail to finish.


And yep it’s done and it really is that easy! I actually finished the edges by painting them a light grey for that extra finishing touch.


So don’t wait as long as I did to make this crafty delight, get on with it! x

Muska & Elvis

Get these quirky guys on your walls!

Firstly I have to apologise for being so quiet, I have had so much going on in the past 2 months, that it has been impossible to stay on top of everything, but slowly I am able to get back into everything now. One of the things that has been keeping me from you is a big move, which I am very excited about as it means re – decorating! Yay!

You know how much I love decorating and making for Lil M’s room, well at our new place she will have a whole rumpus room, so an even bigger space to get creative with. Naturally I’m already seeking out cool ideas, and then I found out about Mik Maks interactive wall stickers. What I find great about these is that not only are the illustrations quirky and awesome – definitely not your run of mill designs, they are based on nursery rhymes and have little story cards that you can share with the kids about what they see in the illustrations. This is great for me as Lil M is crazy about books and pointing out things at the moment, and I also love that this fab product comes from Australia. Created by 2 illustrators in Melbourne, they have close to 20 years experience in kids product design, graphics and illustrations and fashion, and I think that this idea rocks!

Check out their website here and combine some rad designs, with fun learning for your little ones!

Below are the designs available, all in various colour options, I have to say I think Miss Muffet is definitely my favourite!

Keep your eyes peeled as I’m back on track and have lots more goodies to share x