Button crazy, what to do with those excess buttons! Quick DIY


I love buttons, I don’t know what it is about them, but I love them? At one stage the Mister bought me a wallet with a massive button on it (remember that huge Mimco collection?) and button studs and a ring – don’t worry I never wore them altogether, I never actually made crazy button lady status!

If you have been following my post from the very start, I had sewn together a button heart to enter the yearly Kit Cosmetics packaging design competition. My design excitedly made it to the second round and in the top 20 which I was elated about. I ended up using the design as one of my cards, which is still to this day one of my best sellers (there are a lot of button lovers out there) – To see the post click here . To create that design I bought  a bag of mixed buttons in similar tones from spotlight, and 3 years on I’m still using them to create things. One of those was this M. I originally bought this M for a market stall prop, but got a laser one made up instead, so it’s been hanging around.
I found it the other day and how lucky that my daughters name starts with M!

So I’ve put more of those buttons to use! This little project is super easy, inexpensive and you can use any buttons you have lying around. You just need a wood or paper mache’ letter – you can buy these from most craft stores, I purchased this wood M from Typo for about $3, and a hot glue gun – if you don’t have a hot glue gun craft glue is fine too,
it will just take longer to dry and set in place.


I really don’t even need to explain how to you do it, you get the drift, my one tip would be though not to get too crazy sticking them down, after you have stuck one down, place the next few around to see that they fit first, otherwise you might end up with big gaps.
I think it also works well using different sizes for variance.

I did this project when Lil M was sleeping, just a bit here and there, in the end the result is really nice, you could also use it for a table setting at your next party.

Have fun!x





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