DIY toy box makeover! Turn that toy box frown upside down!


We had been searching for a toy box for months, we had a particular size and shape in mind, as we wanted it to fit in a certain corner of Lil M’s room. We found a hard time trying to find one we liked, and that was the right size. Until one day literally driving by, we spotted ‘the one’ driving through King St in Newtown at a second hand/ vintage furniture store, we had just looked at one at a similar store up the road, and were umming and ahhing about it.

It was the perfect size, in great condition, it was wood with a plastic vinyl finish (not what we wanted but the Mister checked it out and said he could work with it) $35 and we were happy!

All the furniture in Lil M’s room is white or natural, so it was always going to become white. The Mister is a professional painter, so he got to it.

So I don’t paint, as he does, but one thing I have learnt is that you should always use undercoat (prime) most items that you are giving a bit of a makeover, for more reasons than one. If it is going to be used often and it’s not just decoration, that paint is just not going to ‘stick’ or stay on well at all, and the result will not be a great finish. Also if you are trying to paint over something which is a mid – dark colour, underneath is just going to show through. So this is what he used on the original vinyl finish (The original was almost like the finish on a 70’s kitchen cupboard – that’s what ours at home looked like anyhow hehehe)

2 x coats of Dulux quick dry oil based undercoat, then 3 x coats of Dulux Aqua enamel semi gloss. This was done over a Saturday afternoon, left to dry outside, and then last coat done Sunday morning – ready to play with by the afternoon!


This is the original box, just before he put the undercoat on (the horsey above is a surprise, keep tuned)


I bought some of these great reusable wall sticker decals to decorate the box, once painted. To make it look like you have some dots cut away, I just cut them in half with scissors and placed them around some edges.


And voila! Finished, the stickers are great and just added that bit of fun! The great thing is, is that once she outgrows this style, we can just peel them off without damaging the paint underneath.


Don’t forget to unscrew and take off any handles or fixtures before painting and pop them back on when the paint is dry!

Hope you love Lil M’s Dotty Toy Box as much as we do! x


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