The tiny turns the big one! – Part one – What she wore

So I started to FINALLY get a post together on Lil M’s first birthday party celebrations, and as I got to it, it was becoming super huge! As I want to share ALL of it with you and I’ve included templates for DIY bunting and DIY party hats and how to’s on how I made the gingerbread cookie sticks, and the stand and the list goes on……so while I’m working on the decoration post and breaking it up, I thought I’d start with the party outfit! Of course, a major detail! And what was so great about her outfit, was that it was all custom and handmade (not the shoes or hair clip), by some  very talented ladies, which makes it all that more special.

What she wore…


I don’t dress Lil M in dresses very much, I don’t know, she just wears patterned jeans and leggings so well, and has an abundance of super cute bloomers (which she can get away with right now, not so, next summer) and she can move so comfortable in them – especially that she was not walking as of yet! But for her party she had to be in a dress! I really didn’t know what I was looking for, I hadn’t come across ‘the one’ until a designer I follow on Instagram Vanilla and Lace , posted a pic about her children’s collection, I instantly fell in love with the simple cut, the plain bold colours and of course the peter pan collar. Straight away I ordered her dress ‘the mini Lucy P’. What is great about these dresses is that they are made to order, so you can choose your dress colour and your collar colour. I have a thing for mustard and although Lil M is a little girl (wow a girl now, not a baby!) and wears pink very well, she wears great bold colours such as reds and navy and yellows, so I though mustard and black would suit her perfectly!

All the way from Portland Oregon (via the worldwide web), Lil M’s party dress arrived, it fit perfectly and washed in the washing machine great! No fuss – and it really needed a good scrubbing after she partied hard in it!

(yes I wore a matching mummy daughter outfit,
it’s not like it was her 21st right?!?)

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 3.58.54 PM

So dress was done, then I realised she needed bloomers! She can’t be flashing her saggy nappy bum all over her party. I found it sooo hard to find just plain coloured bloomers to match, and if I did, they were white or pink! Then again by chance I came across an image of some super cute bloomers via Three x Four on Facebook, I contacted the lovely Katrina who is the creator of these super cute bloomers and just like that I explained my dilemma and she whipped up a brilliant pair of mustard bloomers with black ruffles to match my description, again these fit and matched perfectly and washed really well. It was actually very dangerous me finding Three x Four as Katrina also has a love for peter pan collars too and is driving me crazy with all of the gorgeous fabrics her dresses and blouses come in, I’m so in love! Pretty sure Lil M will be wearing more dresses very soon if I have anything to do with it!


Now the shoes! She wasn’t completely walking yet, just cheeky few steps here and there, but definitely standing, and I thought she needs the outfit to be complete! After searching for ages for a simple, yet stylish shoe (no massive butterflies, or weird chunky toes, or an explosion of sparkles and flowers and anything else that can be stuck on), I came across a pair of silver Mary Janes by See Kai Run they didn’t have her size, and the Mister saw a little black pair hiding up the back, with some sweet little ruffles, and what do you know they fit! The cutest little leather mary janes with a soft suede sole for those little ‘pre walker’ feet.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 9.23.07 PM

Then to top it all off, I picked up the sweetest little gold glitter birdies from Seed, just to add that little bit of glam.

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.23.37 PM

The best thing about this whole ‘party’ outfit is that it everything can been worn again and again as a non party outfit – yep that’s right who knew a one year old could already be dressing it up and dressing it down! hahaha!

So keep your eyes out for the other parts of  ‘The tiny turns the big one’, lots of tips, how to’s and ideas for your little ones first party (and also just any party really), thanks for staying until the end of my super loooong post x



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