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Add a bit of wonderful to your wall!



Those who know me well, know that I am not a fan of the wall decal at all! I guess I always thought that they looked tacky, but over the years they have improved and the designs have become more unique and less standardised. The quality of the substrate also makes  a huge difference. I guess I’ve also never been a fan, as the Mister can paint, and he has always been able to create the exact colours, pattern and mood we are after.

Once we took down a hanging mobile over M’s cot (once she could sit up and reach and then stand) the wall above her cot felt bare…I came across these gorgeous patterned cloud and raindrop wall stickers on Tinyme, even when I mentioned them to him, he asked why wouldn’t I draw something similar (inspired by of course), make stencils and paint it on the wall myself…. I considered this, but then at $30 for this set it was a steal, and I know the great quality they produce over there at Tinyme, and each cloud and drop actually is actually patterned not solid colour. So I ordered them online too easy!

They didn’t take me long at all (it took me longer to get the clouds straight as I was so terrible at lining them up ahaha – but have no fear, it was so easy to just peel off and re stick – no peeling on the paint and no tearing of the sticker). I transformed that blank wall into something wonderful! It was perfect timing for the wet weather in Sydney this week, keeping Lil M’s room bright and fun even on a grey day.

The mister did have concerns though, that he felt sorry for Lil M that she would now need to sleep with an umbrella to keep the raindrops off……..

Below are some of my favourite picks from Tinyme, Chispum and Love Mae that in my opinion their ranges are far from tacky or standard, quite the opposite awesome!

Tiny Me 

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 9.33.05 AM





Love Mae

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.12.12 AM

Love Mae

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 10.12.55 AM

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DIY Rag Wreath

If you read my post before Christmas on DIY wreaths, I mentioned that I was dying to make a rag wreath for Lil M’s nursery. I have so many gorgeous scraps, many from projects I have made for Lil M, and I thought they could be put to some gorgeous use!

These are super easy – I tried to buy a wire wreath form, but was unable to do so, as would you believe that we do not own a wire coat hanger!?!? But in the end, this DIY cost me nothing, zilch, yes that is right, as the Mister happened to find one hanging in our loading room, and I used only fabric scraps, and it only took me part of an afternoon! So get cracking, and if your in Sydney today, it’s not so nice outside, so get your scraps out, find a coat hanger and get tying!

I cut strips out that were roughly 21cm x 5cm – the longer the strips the more shaggy your wreath will be and the shorter the tidier, more fluffy it will be. I found my lengths to be just right! I tried to put a good combo of contrasting colours in my mix,  I tied mine in no particular order, you may decide to make a pattern with yours, I just made sure the colours got broken up and that I didn’t have the same pattern too close to each other so it was really random. (Mind you you can also cut your strips at different widths or use ribbons in the mix, for a more random look)


So start with a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle form. Then tie your strips around it, making sure that pattern is facing up (just makes it easier to fluff up and make the wreath more vibrant when it is finished).


Now with the hook of the hanger, you can either cut the hook off and then just twist the wires over to close the gap, or in my case, I just straightened out the hook and then twisted it back on itself, and then used some string to tie it together as extra support – this will all be covered up by your rags when finished.


Keep pushing your tied rags tightly together as you go around, then the result is a more full and fluffy wreath.

Once you are done, you can pull and fluff the rags out so that the patterns are facing forward and so you can’t see the ties.

And then finished! Yes it really is that easy! A really inexpensive (in my case free up cycled) DIY wreath that adds so much fun and personality to any space! There was the perfect blank spot amongst the yellow strip on Lil M’s wall just waiting for a fabulous rag wreath to be hung!

(if you look closely you will see scrap patterns from many of my Lil M’s projects such as her giraffey, her patchwork quilt, and all of her bassinet, cot and pram blankets and sheets, and you will notice scraps from the most fabulous patchwork quilt sitting on Lil M’s rocking chair in the image, that my gorgeous girlfriend’s, wonderful mother made for the mister and I as a wedding gift.)



Enjoy your weekend!

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Reflection on the year just past 2012

Happy New Year! Here we are 2013! I don’t know about you, but 2012 flew by so fast, it feels like I was only pregnant and awaiting little M’s arrival yesterday, but yesterday she turned 10 months!

2012 has been the best year for me yet, and yes it is all because of my daughter. Having her in my life puts many things into perspective for me, and has changed my way of thinking for the better.

It’s also been a great for me creatively as having a child has opened up so many new avenues for me to create, I am constantly creating new projects (that are never ending!)

Having my baby has also brought many new great friendships, and made some friendships closer with heaps of fun times had this year.

But I won’t bore you with all the mush! I created a more illustrative version of my reflection of the year 2012. (not necessarily in order) It’s been an awesome year, and I cant wait for this year to top it!

I hope you all have the most wonderful 2013! x

(click on the image to zoom)