Muska & Elvis

It’s not too late to sew yourself a very Merry Christmas!

Ok so Christmas has really crept up on us super fast this year yes!?!? Its November and about 6 weeks until Christmas!?!? I have to confess something…… I haven’t really been into Christmas that much in the past few years, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE spending time with family and friends and I love to give gifts, but the Mister and I stopped putting a tree up, it happened once as we were on our honeymoon over Christmas one year, then the next we did it, but then the year after we were going away right after NYE and then we were away again last Christmas. But this year is Lil M’s first so back to the decorating it is and I am super excited about it this year, even though Lil M has no idea really hehehe.

So being her first, she needs a stocking, I thought it would be nice if I could make it myself, I had planned on making a patchwork one, but then I came across these fab cut and sew panels at Spotlight! They were perfect and so easy. So I bought a panel for Lil M, a panel for us (there are 2 stockings per panel) and for approx $12.99 a panel it was a steal! I also bought a few pom poms to sew along the edge just to add a bit more zing to it!

These stockings were so easy that I made it during her morning nap (and I cut and pinned the other 2 ready to go and did those later that afternoon)

I also bought cut and sew decorations which I am working on now and I will post soon. Im a big fan of cut and sew, I have bought a few for gifts to friends who are beginner sewers and I think they are great for something really easy with an awesome result. Below is me creating my stocking and also a few of my favourite  cut and sew projects that you can purchase online!

Give them go, it’s such an easy and rewarding project!

This is what one panel looks like, with all your guides and instructions printed onto the fabric.

I wanted to line mine with calico, so I cut them out onto calico also.

I then pinned and sewed on my pom pom trim to the outside.

I then attached the lining (facing the outer pattern in together with a piece of calico, then flipping over as seen in the image after.

I then cut some ribbon and looped it and placed in between the panels (fronts facing in), before sewing the panels together.

And then finished!

And ours (I tried to make the Mister’s as manly as possible not even a bit of ric rac! Despite the girly love hearts hehehe)

Below are some  favourite cut and sew of mine you can purchase online,
This one is from The Red Thread Mimi the Sweetie Petite Kit

This cut and sew calendar tea towel by Addilou on Spoonflower

The unique, Burgular Bird cut and sew tea towel from GabiReith on Etsy

Cute as a button (mushroom) Ipad bag from bippidiiboppidii on Spoonflower


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