Do you know the Wedding Chicks?

Since joining Instagram my short lengths or boredom have become even shorter since joining Instagram. I can’t believe I only joined about 4 months ago, but since I have, it has opened my world up to a whole heap more of inspiration and motivation. I already thought that my head, my note books and bookmarks folders were already choccas full of great ideas, websites, and information, but now I need extra room every single day to cram it all in!

What I love most about Instagram is that I can follow those I am most interested in who are designers, crafters, illustrators, photographers (of course food) and the like, and those who follow me, are interested in what I have to share. I have so many great ‘Insta’ friends and people/groups that I follow that I would love to share with you (some I already have on my Facebook page, join in and like it here.) But one that I would love to share with you today are the Wedding Chicks.

I follow these guys and I always link back to their website for what’s new in store or their DIY. Obviously its all about weddings! Duh! So everything you need such as bridal collections, vendors, real weddings, DIY and the like. But there is also a shop and free printables! But what I do really love is the ease of being about to choose a gorgeous designed save the date in the form of a tea towel or a hankie!? ( I love the hankie idea), or to simply choose a tote bag to give your guests filled with goodies! Oh and do not forget the little one! LIttle bow tie bibs and onsies and custom tote bags and tees! And I tell you I’ve never liked all those ‘Bride’, ‘Groom’ ‘Bridesmaids’ singlets/tshirt ideas, but these guys make it cool, I adore the awesome designs they have available here.

So check them out, make sure you have a few hours at hand, as you will be there for a while, trust me!

Happy Friday! x

The Anchor Away Wedding Tote

The Bike & Balloons Save the Date Towel

The Catherine Handkerchief Wedding Invitation

The handmade Bow Tie Bib

Dinosaur Groom Party Tee


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