Julie’s Kitchen Tea

Leading up to a wedding there are many wonderful opportunities to get together with family friends and if you are the bride to be, great opportunities to spend some extra time with your girlfriends and the females in the family, to just have a down right ‘girly’ day or night. One of those is a Kitchen tea… I looked up the history of a kitchen tea, and found these interesting facts taken from the sandiehudson blogspot. I like the last one the best!

  • This wedding tradition evolved from Holland when a father disapproved of his daughter’s choice and the villagers gathered to “shower” her with the dowry her father refused.
  • In some communities today, a “trousseau tea” is held before the wedding. This “ladies only” social gathering is a way to show off all the bride’s new things not just gifts, but lingerie, clothing items, personal items everything but the wedding costume.
  • Bridal showers were meant to strengthen the ties between the bride and her friends, provide her moral support, and help her prepare for her marriage.

For more interesting facts of where many wedding traditions have originated visit sandiehudson blogspot

I had the pleasure of designing custom invites and recipe cards for Julie’s Kitchen Tea which was held last weekend. This design was created purely for Julie’s Kitchen Tea, one of her bridesmaids, asked for a custom design based on one of my previous birthday/baby shower invitation designs but suited for a kitchen tea in custom colours.

I loved drawing up and adding the ‘kitcheny’ items such as the whisk and oven mitt, and putting together the matching recipe cards. Once I had put this design up online, it became crazy popular and have since created many invitation packs and printables in various colour combinations for clients.

Julie’s bridesmaids organised a gorgeous day for the bride to be, and they sent me some pictures of the day for me to share. What a wonderful job they did, and I only wish Julie a ton of love, laughs and happiness for her big day! x

If you are after a custom design for your party, doesn’t matter where in the world you are, drop me an email and say Hi, let me know what you are thinking and I can provide you with a free quote and different options that best suit your needs!


Also check out my Instagram account which I update frequently with new and previous designs, new ideas and everything in between @muskaelvis


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