Happy Father’s Day

It’s that time of year again, and this Father’s Day was extra special as it was the Mister’s very first one. Lil M wanted to make sure it was awesome for her Daddy, so taking after her mother and father she came up with some crafty ways to celebrate it!

Firstly she wanted to wear something today that expressed her love for Daddy, and so that when she woke up that morning and Daddy said good morning, he would be greeted with her special message. Which he certainly did!

Then she went about putting the same message die-cut onto kraft card, with a fluro backing – Lil M is too young to used a scalpel blade, so I had to do this one – on her direction of course! If you have read many of my previous post, hand made cards to each other are our fav and the only way to go, we love trying to come up with new ideas for each other!

And for her main gift, she chose a picture that was taken while she was still in hospital only 5 days old, asleep in Daddy’s hands, as she thought that this pic really summed up the two of them perfectly and had it printed onto gorgeous stone and wood by OnStone in Melbourne where each panel is made from used materials that were destined for landfill, creating something beautiful…

Of course the Mister loved all of his gifts, and was so surprised at how much Lil M could do and get up to during the week especially for a 6 month old, who only just learnt to roll and sit up!

Happy Father’s Day to all of those fathers out there, I hope you’ve been able to have an awesome day with your families! xxx


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