Make me a felt tiger!

Meet Tobias the Tiger (I’ve been watching arrested development – If you have watched the show, Tobias the Tiger has no similar qualities to Tobias I promise! ahaha).

Tobias the felt tiger is a very easy and inexpensive friend for your little (or big ones) room. Even if you are not the most craftiest you will find this very to put together , as they are all very simple shapes, and can be done for any animal, just simplify them!

Start off with drawing out what you want to create – I drew out the shape of the tigers head, then drew in his face details using large shapes, I then used my drawing as a template to cut each piece out from my felt pieces.

Then I stuck all the pieces onto the initial face shape – use craft glue or double sided tape (which I used, as felt is very textured it tends to stick to each other anyhow). I then chose a bold colour for the backing which I couldn’t find large enough in felt in the colour I wanted (my tiger was to fit into a 23cm x 23cm box frame (I bought this Ribba frame from IKEA), so I used a very fine corduroy, and then I popped it into a frame… yes as simple as that, I really didn’t even need to explain it, see the images below of the shapes I used and how I put Tobias together!

Give it a go you will be surprised at what you can create! Have fun x


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