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How to bag a Gingy Bread & FREE printable cookie wrap labels

Ahhh yes so we all know by now that I’m obsessed with baking and giving gingerbread! I just think that it is the perfect cookie, tastes so good, keeps well and you can do so much with it!

If you follow my blog, I have numerous posts about how to package cookies as a lovely handmade gift, and I even shared my recipe here. In my post about baby love Gingy bread, I spoke of decorating your cookies with m&m’s, these are a great way to dress them up and to add another little pop of choc to the biccie bite!

So with these I usually use star and heart shapes as you can place the m&m in the middle. So basically after you have cut out the shapes, press a single m&m into the centre of the cookie, and then put into the oven to bake as normal, the m&m’s will crack a little but will not melt, and they stay secured on the cookie, you end up with a happy looking bunch of bright coloured cookies!

Then I designed some card labels that fold over the top of a cello bag, similar to which I did for my Christmas Biscotti here.

Your label needs to be rectangular, and the same width of the bag, fold the tag over evenly (like a book horizontal) so that you  have a front and back. (I have attached a free printable pdf for the ones I have shown here in the picture to use with my recipe)

So put all your cookies into a clear cello bag, then using double sided tape seal the top making sure there are no gaps as to keep the cookies fresh. Then fold the cello bag down close to where your cookies are, then fold over the label and seal with 2 staples one on either side.

I created 2 designs, one I punched 2 holes in the top and then threaded ribbon through and tied a bow at the front, the other I cut hearts out of the front and back. Black printed on kraftcard and simple turned into gorgeous.

Get your FREE printable labels here! Have fun! x



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