What paper size are you? I’d be a US letter…

Being a graphic designer in your everyday world, measurements are viewed to the very exact millimetre, and colours are viewed in pantone and CMYK, it just becomes habit…but have you ever thought of viewing peoples heights and size via paper size?

In a studio I had worked at, we had a rep who would come by quite often, but not often enough that we knew their name, and the description of brown eyes and brown hair is just as good as well they had two eyes… and a nose… until one day they were described as A3, and instantly everyone knew who it was! So then we all wanted to be classed as a paper size…

We decided that A4 is your average height and size person, so if you were an A3 you were taller and a little larger than that, what what if you were tall and very slim? Then you would be a DL (even though technically speaking a DL is the shorter side of a A4 it’s visual appearance is long and slim).

When it came to me, we decided that although yes I am very vertically challenged, I still didn’t warrant being an A5, but a US letter was perfect – a little shorter and a little smaller than your A4 person, I can deal with that!

So what paper size are you?


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