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Muska & Elvis printable invites coming soon…

This year I’ve had many custom requests for engagement, wedding and bridal shower/kitchen tea invites which I usually only do custom by request, currently I don’t have any pre made designs available online, but in the past month or two I’ve been working on some pre-designed invites and invite packs that can be customised and will be available online! They will be available as a printable pdf once I have added all of your details or at extra cost I can still have them printed for you onto textured stock that I have matched to the design, and have any extras assembled for you as per my previous invites and packs.

I will also have available some of my current children’s party/ baby shower invites and party packs available as pdf printables.

Don’t forget ALL of my invite designs can be customised to your event, if you like one of my baby shower invites for your kitchen tea, I can make the amends to suit your wants!

So watch this space and check up on my made it and etsy stores as there are some exciting new designs and colour combinations coming very soon!

And if there still isn’t quite the design you are after, but it is my style your after, I will still be designing fully customised invites and party packs to your every whim as previously! Just still email me with your details and we can got from there –

Below I’d thought I’d give you a sneak peak with a few of my work in progress pages, playing with colour combinations and layouts, hope you like them! x

Muska & Elvis 2012. All designs are protected by copyright. Artworks cannot be copied, printed, or reproduced, in whole or in part, without the permission of Muska & Elvis.

Muska & Elvis

Baby Love Gingerbread – and free printable gift tags!

Homemade gift iced gingerbread hearts

After hearing the awesome news that a friend was expecting her second child, I wanted to give her a little gift to say congratulations. What a perfect way to say congrats to Mumma, Dad and Baby than with home made iced gingy bread hearts! Yay! Mum and baby both get the tasty goodness!

If you follow my blog you would know that I love giving homemade gifts and especially the home baked variety. Iced gingerbread is my speciality and I love to personalise them to the occasion, such as in a previous post, I shared with you my gift to friends at their business launch with personalised ‘M & A’ dairy free gingy bread in jar, which you can see and read here.

Another earlier post ‘For the love of buttons‘ I created a gift tag, printed onto kraft brown card, as I’ve done for these baby love cookies – in this post I have included free printables of both these tags, plus a happy birthday and a cheery up gingerbread tag for you to use, these look best printed onto kraft brown card, and don’t forget to trim out the die cut heart or star! Download the pdf here.


Now today I am going to share my gingerbread recipe with you… now this is a big deal to me, as it actually took me years to perfect it after trying out soooo many and then taking the best bits from what worked and then adding and changing a few things to get it just right. I’ve previously only shared this recipe with few friends and family of those who have asked, I think the secret is the honey and the mix of spices, try it out and see what you think! I hope you love them!

This dough mix makes heaps of cookies, like 70 -80 or so small ones (like the small hearts I have pictured – I used 2 different sized heart cookie cutters, this recipe filled out one jar full, filled half a 1.75L container AND I put aside 2 bags full of approx 18 cookies each), depending how thick you cut them – if you like them hard or bready.  They will keep for about 2 weeks in an airtight container.


3 1/3 cups (500g) plain flour

1 tsp bicarb soda

1tsp baking powder

3 tsp ground ginger

3 tsp ground cinnamon

2  tsp nutmeg (can be optional if you don’t like its texture in the cookie)

150g butter softened

2 cups (175g) just level of brown sugar

150g honey

1 egg

1 packet of already made fondant icing

Food colouring of your choice

(or m&ms if your not icing them and would still like to decorate them)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Sift all of your dry ingredients together with a pinch of salt into a large bowl.

Use an electric mixer to beat the butter and sugar until it is light and fluffy, then add the honey and egg and beat until combined. Gradually beat in the sifted ingredients until it all comes together.

Divide the dough into 2 parts and refrigerate for about half an hour (or I cheat and place it in the freezer for about 10-15) its just to harden up the dough a little so its easier to roll, hence the 2 portions so you can take one out at a time so it doesn’t become too soft being out of the chill).

Roll dough out in small portions onto baking paper on a hard floured surface (flour your rolling pin too) about 3-4mm thick (these will give you softer bread like cookies) roll them thinner is you like them harder.

Cut out your shapes with a floured cookie cutter and place them about 3 cm apart onto a baking paper lined tray and pop into the oven for 7 minutes.

Heart shaped cookie cutter


Colour your white pre packaged fondant icing (this can be bought in the baking section of most supermarkets), just a few drops of colour – with food colouring a drop goes a long way, so gradually add the colour as you go otherwise you may get a too intense colour and you can’t go lighter.

With floured hands just pull and stretch and knead the icing until it is an even smooth colour all over.

Roll out very thin onto a baking paper lined hard surface and use the same cookie cutter to cut out each icing top. (you may need an egg flip to help get these off without tearing if you want really thin icing)

Brush a thin layer of jam (I like using strawberry jam – heat it just a tiny bit if its too sticky to spread and try not to use one with seeds as it will create lumps under your icing) over the cookie then gently place the icing on top to line up with the cookie and voila! A pretty iced cookie – a quick and easy way for a finished look!

If you don’t like icing, leave them plain which I do usually do with the other half the batch, or cut out star shapes and place an M&M in the centre before placing into the oven to bake!

Iced gingerbread hearts

Give them ago, try them out next time you would like to give a handmade gift made with love and attention

tip – when placing them in the jar carefully place the outer cookies against the edge of the glass that will show, then place the rest of the cookies to fill the jar in the centre, this is the trick to having them sit nicely within the jar.


Muska & Elvis

I hear it’s a party!

New birthday invites up on made it and etsy stores!

Inspired by the little monkey that always hears your phat beats, he’s a party animal too and would like to help you celebrate!

The pack includes 10 invites printed onto 230gsm enviroboard kraft card, with matching kraft envelopes.

If you would like a custom personalised birthday pack (invites, thank you cards, thank you tags, and cupcake toppers – or whatever else you may dream of) created in this design, please feel free to contact me with your requirements and I will send you a free quote.

Enjoy your Tuesday! x

Muska & Elvis 2012. All designs are protected by copyright. Artworks cannot be copied, printed, or reproduced, in whole or in part, without the permission of Muska & Elvis.

Muska & Elvis

What paper size are you? I’d be a US letter…

Being a graphic designer in your everyday world, measurements are viewed to the very exact millimetre, and colours are viewed in pantone and CMYK, it just becomes habit…but have you ever thought of viewing peoples heights and size via paper size?

In a studio I had worked at, we had a rep who would come by quite often, but not often enough that we knew their name, and the description of brown eyes and brown hair is just as good as well they had two eyes… and a nose… until one day they were described as A3, and instantly everyone knew who it was! So then we all wanted to be classed as a paper size…

We decided that A4 is your average height and size person, so if you were an A3 you were taller and a little larger than that, what what if you were tall and very slim? Then you would be a DL (even though technically speaking a DL is the shorter side of a A4 it’s visual appearance is long and slim).

When it came to me, we decided that although yes I am very vertically challenged, I still didn’t warrant being an A5, but a US letter was perfect – a little shorter and a little smaller than your A4 person, I can deal with that!

So what paper size are you?

Muska & Elvis

One Fine Day – Boutique Wedding Fair

Are you engaged, getting married or is it on your horizon? And are you sick of the same old fluffy, cookie cutter bridal expo’s? If so get to the One Fine Day Boutique wedding fair!

Here you will be able to check out some of Sydney’s most talented and innovative wedding professionals, that can inspire you make your special day unique and yours.

It will be an enjoyable day, to check out all the amazing vendors with entertainment, and food held in the awesome location of Sun Studios in Alexandria.

Only 2 weeks to go, so check out their web page onefinedaysydney and check out their Facebook page for more info, don’t miss out, its one of kind, just like your day should be! x

Muska & Elvis

New Owl party invites available online!

Invite your friends to your party with these super fun unisex owl invites!

Inspired by Muska & Elvis ‘Burt’ greeting card, Burt wanted to join in on all of the party fun!

You get 10 invitations printed onto textured 270gsm card and 10 kraft paper envelopes, everything you need to get your party started!

If you would like a custom personalised birthday pack (invites, thank you cards, thank you tags, and cupcake toppers – or whatever else you may dream of) created in this design, please feel free to contact me with your requirements and I will send you a free quote.

Check them out on Etsy or Madeit

Have a great weekend!