For the love of buttons!

How about buttons that you can eat!?

If you have been following my blog, you already know how much I love a handmade gift whether it be something you have designed/created (Personal stationery set) or if your not that way inclined, baked treats for hand made gifts ( Letter Gingy Bread Cookies, Christmas Biscotti, Cookies in a Jar).

Handmade gifts always have the personal touch, as you can custom make them for who your giving them to, and they are always made with effort, time and love.

I wanted to give a friend some extra love, and I’ve had a button shortbread recipe Ive been wanting to bake for ages from my Women’s Weekly Cookies Book which I adore, as its filled with a whole heap of easy and tasty recipes.

This was the perfect time to make them as she loves to sew!

The recipe is super simple (use any shortbread cookie recipe really), and all you need is an approx 5cm round cookie cutter, drink bottle lid and a bamboo skewer, below shows how to make the dough into buttons, you could also make these with gingerbread dough!

Pop them into an air tight glass jar, I printed the tag onto kraft card, and I die cut the little heart out, and used natural twine to finish the off the gift for a more rustic look! (as my buttons were not perfect, rustic they are hee hee).

Hope you have a fab week x

Line your baking tray with baking paper, put a level tablespoon of dough into the round, and push down with a teaspoon to create perfect circles.

Use a drink bottle lid to make the inner circle imprint.

Then use the bamboo skewer to make the buttons thread holes!



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