Muska & Elvis

Little Village Boutique

Muska & Elvis are very excited to be a part of a Little Village Boutique which has just recently launched this month in Australia!

Little Village Boutique searched for the rarest and most charming products from some of the most original designers in the country. And have put together a collection of goodies and gifts you might find in a boutique store in
an enchanting little village.

Everything you see at Little Village Boutique has been carefully-sourced based on uniqueness, quality and elegance. Many of the products are hand-crafted and personalised, making the perfect gift for a special someone,
or simply to treat yourself.

Check out Little Village Boutique here

Check out Muska & Elvis on Little Village Boutique

 I’ve gathered a few of my fav products available from designers at
Little Village Boutique,

Happy Shopping! x

Button Heart card by Muska & Elvis

Tick Tick clock by Dubbleyou

Old fashioned phone lamp by Four Hearts Fashion and Gifts

 Blue and White Zig Zag Lamp by LuLus Lamps


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