Free printable easter gift tags!

Easter is fast approaching, as it does every year, why not add a little fun to your easter gifts this year with Muska & Elvis’s free printable gift tags!

They are super easy, just download the pdf template, cut out along the dotted lines, punch a hole in the tags,
attach some matching ribbon, then attach to your gift!

These tags are 61mm x 108mm, all the instructions are on the template,
print out as many as you like!

Happy Easter! x


Print the pdf from your computer, onto an A4 sheet of card portrait way up.

Cut out the tags along the dotted lines, hole punch over the hole guide,
if you do not have a hole punch, cut an ‘X’ over the guide as shown to thread ribbon through.

Thread your ribbon through and attached to gift! Simple!

Please note : Copyright Muska & Elvis 2012. Artworks cannot be copied, printed or reproduced, in whole or in part, without the permission of Muska & Elvis. Muska & Elvis ‘Happy Easter’ gift tags are for printable personal use only, not to be reproduced, copied or sold.



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