Artwork for the nursery or for me?

Our walls at home are adorned with all sorts of artworks, we have taken up so much wall space that some pieces we just don’t have up or we rotate artworks and sometimes we refrain from buying piece as we just don’t have the space to put it up (we cannot wait to one day have a larger home with tonnes of wall space!)

So once the nursery was being put together, it gave us another opportunity to fill the walls, I had done a previous post on the feature wall in this room, then we looked at what we could do to liven up the walls. So we bought and created some prints to put up, there are still a lot more to go up, the mister will be painting a large one for one of the long walls. But it brought me to think, that when we decorate rooms that are not necessarily ours, are we sub consciously decorating for ourselves?

This room is put together very similar to our home, whites and neutral furnishings, and colour added via decor items and artworks. One of the artworks we have put up, the mister actually bought me for my 30th birthday, another one I’m thinking of putting up he bought me for Christmas. The painting that will be put up will be inspired by the mister and his style of art, I often wonder if our influence on the way we have decorated Millicent’s room and the toys/objects we buy her will become her taste as she will be constantly be surrounded in it or will she go off to find her own… only time will tell.

But for now, Millicent’s room is still my absolute favourite room in our home and I think it will continue to be that way for a very long time!

I bought Bear Girl the week I gave birth, when I took Millie home I thought that it looked just like her!

The sloth in the tree was one of my 30th birthday gifts from the mister, I’ve always loved sloths and it’s also a nickname of mine from childhood – turns out Millicent acts very sloth like when being burped over the shoulder!

The mermaid girl, is a print of a lino artwork created by a friend and given to Millicent on her baby shower, created in neutrals to suit her room.

Bear Girl by Nomuu , Sloth Artwork by ValeryDesign, Mermaid Girl by Danielah

This is actually a card also given to Millicent from a friend on her baby shower – by Donna Wilson she creates some fantastic toys (which Millicent also received from the same friend x) and gorgeous furnishings! (Whoops here is my influence again as I love owls – again Ive mentioned this in an earlier post)

These two I created, the alphabet one is not my original artwork, I saw an image of it on a search in an article, I could not find any details or information on it, it was tiny, and I re-created it, Im not sure where it is from – Ill be sure to note it if I ever see it again. The Millicent one I thought would be cute to create animal silhouettes in various patterns, I love all these colours together!

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