Its a wrap! Wrapping with fabric…

I am a huge believer that the gift wrap should be just as fab as the gift inside, a visual experience from the very start!

Now there are some really horrible wrapping paper and ribbon choices out there, you just have to make the right one! If your not very good with mix and matching patterns and colours, keep it simple. I keep rolls of brown kraft paper at home and wrap all of my gifts in it, and use a large selection of grosgrain ribbons (I especially love candy striped ones) to tie around it.

But lately after doing a large clean up in the spare room I realised I had an abundance of gorgeous fabric cuttings that I’ve saved from various projects or that have been given to me or fat quarters I have bought in my travels (hence all of the sewing projects lately), so I’ve decide to put them to good use and use them to wrap gifts, they add just that little bit extra to the wrap… check them out!

This one I used an off cut from some cushions I made around the house…

This gorgeous fabric was an off cut from a Brucey (you’ll meet her soon if not already) doll I made for a friend years ago

This off cut is from left over quilt binding that was used to finish off a fabulous quilt my friend’s mum made us for our wedding, using the whole piece as the ribbon (I was given all of the off cuts from this quilt, stay posted and you will see what else I’ve been making them into)

This one is a shout out to my friend Amy, who made this adorable wrap out of off cut fabrics and vintage buttons from her mum, and had it wrapped around my birthday pressie (each piece is sewn together to the ribbon behind) – too pretty to throw out I have it pinned up on my inspiration board at home

So next time you are wrapping a gift, see if you have any fabrics lying around and put them to good use! x


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