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New framed paper cuts available online

New Babushka Love and Burt framed paper cuts up on & x

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The story of a patchwork quilt…

With all of this time off, Im not the best person to be told to just sit down, chill out and relax, relaxing to me is getting up to all the creative and crafty little projects I would otherwise have to squeeze in between my full time work hours, which usually meant either staying up late, or getting up super early or trying to fit it in on the weekend. So this time off waiting for little Nubs arrival has meant that I get to get on here more regularly, work on my Muska & Elvis design work, and create lots of new things for little nubs! My biggest project I’ve made for her so far is this patchwork quilt.

The day I decided to make this, I wasn’t set out to make a patchwork quilt, I was at Remnant House in Rosebery (awesome fabrics here) to look for fabrics to make sheet sets for her cot, then I came across a gorgeous pack of pre-cut quilt squares in fabrics I already had at home that I had made Giraffey (see earlier post) out of. So I asked one of the lovely ladies behind the counter how hard would it be for me to make a quilt with the amateur sewing skills I have. She said it was easy and would walk me through it step by step, even asked me to do the first section, then to come back and then she would guide me through the next part! I was thrilled! So I bought the squares, bought a gorgeous designer flannel for the back and home I went, sewing machine out!

This is how the quilt came together…

I layed out all the squares into the pattern and combination that I wanted, I then took a picture of it, so I could reference it later, once I pulled it apart.

I then pinned each square together (5mm) as rows, then I sewed each panel together on the machine.

Once I had sewn up all of the rows, I then sewed all the rows together.

Now I had my completed top, I then cut out my backing the flannel, this was put on the bottom (pattern facing down), then in-between I placed the wadding, I chose 100% cotton, (100% fibres are best for babies and kids when it comes to bedding). Then I layed the top pattern facing up and I pinned theses together. Then I marked up on the top, where I would be sewing in the lines to quilt it. (ps. A walking foot for the machine was recommended to use to do the quilting, but I didn’t have one, and it was still fine).

Next came the binding, you can either make your own binding by cutting the edge of your chosen fabric, or buy bias cut binding already pre cut at any length, which is what I did. Now there is a certain way you need to apply this binding, seeming it was my first time I won’t go into fine detail about how to do it, as I had to look up a tutorial online to get the process correct as I couldn’t remember it all from the lady in store.

But basically, you pin it around the edges, open ends facing outwards, you then sew about 10mm in from the edge (this all despends how wide your binding is), then you pull it over the other side and pin it and slip stitch it to the other side, but there is a certain way you need to fold the corners – this is the part I had to look up again…

(ps. see my hurty finger in the pic! I literally sewed through my finger tip and broke the needle when I was quilting)

and then…. that is all… finished!

I adore this quilt, so far it has been my largest sewing project yet, of course there are a few little hiccups and mistakes, but that just makes it all the more special hee hee.

Even though she won’t be sleeping in her cot straight away I couldn’t help placing the quilt in her cot and gathering some of her new friends to hang out in there until she ends up in there permanently.

Meet some friends of Nubs…So many new new friends already!

Keep posted, this week (hopefully today) I’m going to be making fitted sheets for her bassinet and some cot sheets with some super cool fabric edge trimmings! x

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Turn that boring jumpy around!

Its always nice to wear something that no one else has, and its just as easy to do! I’ve mentioned it before about the abundance of gorgeous off cut fabrics I have that I have been putting to good use lately, and this is one of them.

I bought some plain white Bonds jumpy’s, I cut out a babushka doll from the left over fabric that I made my niece’s library bag out of (previous post), then I drew a simple bird template and cut these out of mix matched fabric, pinned them and then hand sewed them onto the fronts, leaving the edges raw so that they slightly fray, so simple yet such a unique and fun outcome! I have so many more ideas for Nubbie’s jumpy’s such as frilled sleeves
(or as the mister likes to call them ‘wings’ ) but I’ll save them for another rainy day. x

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Its a wrap! Wrapping with fabric…

I am a huge believer that the gift wrap should be just as fab as the gift inside, a visual experience from the very start!

Now there are some really horrible wrapping paper and ribbon choices out there, you just have to make the right one! If your not very good with mix and matching patterns and colours, keep it simple. I keep rolls of brown kraft paper at home and wrap all of my gifts in it, and use a large selection of grosgrain ribbons (I especially love candy striped ones) to tie around it.

But lately after doing a large clean up in the spare room I realised I had an abundance of gorgeous fabric cuttings that I’ve saved from various projects or that have been given to me or fat quarters I have bought in my travels (hence all of the sewing projects lately), so I’ve decide to put them to good use and use them to wrap gifts, they add just that little bit extra to the wrap… check them out!

This one I used an off cut from some cushions I made around the house…

This gorgeous fabric was an off cut from a Brucey (you’ll meet her soon if not already) doll I made for a friend years ago

This off cut is from left over quilt binding that was used to finish off a fabulous quilt my friend’s mum made us for our wedding, using the whole piece as the ribbon (I was given all of the off cuts from this quilt, stay posted and you will see what else I’ve been making them into)

This one is a shout out to my friend Amy, who made this adorable wrap out of off cut fabrics and vintage buttons from her mum, and had it wrapped around my birthday pressie (each piece is sewn together to the ribbon behind) – too pretty to throw out I have it pinned up on my inspiration board at home

So next time you are wrapping a gift, see if you have any fabrics lying around and put them to good use! x

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Party/Invitation packs now available online!


Muska & Elvis party packs are now available online on my Made It Store and my Etsy Store

All packs include

*24 Invitations – Custom with all of your details, printed onto 170gsm textured white paper card stock  141.5mm x 100mm, with 24 Kraft paper C6 envelopes

*24 Thank you cards – Printed onto 170gsm textured white paper card stock 141.5mm x 100mm, with 24 Kraft paper C6 envelopes

*24 Double sided cupcake toppers (mixed designs)

*24 Thank you tags – Printed onto 170gsm textured white paper card stock 93mm x 41mm

All of this for $49.95 ($5 shipping ) – everything you need for a complete stylish and fun theme for your next party! Everything is done for you!

Check it out x

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Add some stripes & colour in your life or just your home…

I love white and neutrals in the home, I love white walls, I love white and raw timber furniture, I love white sheets, but I also love a splash of colour amongst it. I’m very fortunate that the Mister is a painter with a brilliant eye for colour, and he has added pops of colour to our home with coloured feature walls. We have tones of blue/grey feature walls throughout the home which mean we can add a forever changing colour palette of home furnishings to match our mood – currently we’ve added bright limes, reds and oranges in very small doses.

But when it came to the bedrooms, we had a few different ideas, and decided that the wall would be our big splash of colour amongst our all white and raw timber furnishings, we opted for lemon and cool grey candy stripes, which worked fab with our very high ceilings, it instantly changed the mood of the room and I love being in it! Its also very easy to co ordinate soft furnishings – I opted for pastels and made small cushions which sit on our bed or on our corner chair to tie it all in.

But since the weekend, my favourite wall in the house is the one in little Nubs room! We didn’t want it to be the same as our room, and lil Nubs room is also following the same white and raw timber colour theme, and we can add splashes of colour as we please, I especially didn’t want it to be a ‘pink’ room, so we planned out a slightly smoky lemon, cool grey, and peachy pink to keep in with the neutral palette and went with random stripes, and here is the finished wall, The  Mister did a fab job as always! I adore this room already, it gives me such a happy vibe, I can see Nubs and I spending a lot of time in here……

The process usually starts with us drawing up the pattern and a choosing the colours and printing it out as reference, helps using pantone chip to differentiate tones

The first colour goes down over the wall, then the stripes are drawn in with using a  level

Then special painters tape (not masking or any old tape) is used to mark up the lines to get that straight edge, so you can paint in between

Then you do the first colour, when thats dry, apply next colour… and then voila!

I can’t wait for the new carpet to be laid, so we can move all of the furniture in and put artwork on the walls! x