I couldn’t sleep last night… A Giraffey helped me!

Even though it was 31 degrees yesterday in Sydney, and I had spent the day at the beach with a girlfriend, lunching and shopping while still on Xmas break (poor me) I wasn’t tired, I didn’t even fall for the nana nap when I got home, Ive learnt with this pregnancy Im either super tired and can sleep at the click of the fingers, or I won’t sleep at all, these won’t sleep at all nights is when I get up and make and do!

Ever since my boss’s daughter came into the studio dragging around, this flat giraffe like toy with tag pulls as its mane I was in love, and I thought I wish I knew someone who had a little one that I could make one for, and low and behold now I can make one for Nubbie! (my unborn daughter).

So if you’ve read previous posts on my sewing, you would know that Im a very amateur sewer, mostly self taught, dont really follow the rules, just what works hehehe and usually it does, so dont mind the cowgirl approach Ive taken to create little Giraffey, not many of us are professional sewers….

I picked up these gorgeous Japanese fat quarters at a market last month, in the hope that I’d make something for little Nubs! I love mix and matching patterns and similar colour palettes together.

I drew out the shape of what I want the toy to look like to use as my pattern (I love massive feet and legs on animals).

Then I cut it out and pinned it to the fabric body – I decided to use spot as one side of the body and rose on the other.

I then cut out little shapes for the ears and the tail in the remaining fabric.

Firstly I took the tail pieces, right side of fabric facing each other and I hand sewed them together (the mister was asleep and I thought it would be cruel to get out the sewing machine, so I hand stitched Giraffey. Then I turned the tail, inside out, stuffed the tail, not with a lot, and left 1cm at the edge an put it aside.

Then I did the same with the ears, but I did not stuff these, I fold these over to create the ears, and then tacked them to hold the fold. (Dont mind my nails, they are due to get redone hehehe)

I then cut ribbon at equal lengths, and folded in half, and then tacked all of the pieces onto the outer on the body, upside down.

Then the other body side was pinned to this piece, outer fabric facing in.

I then sewed 1cm in all around, leaving about a 5cm gap, to turn Giraffey inside out (the right way around), I stuffed him, again bot alot of stuffing, your ant him to be flat and soft, and then I sewed up the gap.

Meet Giraffey!!!!

Ok so he is a bit awkward (aren’t we all) his ears are a little forward and his mane is a bit rogue, I might try another attempt at a larger one, but either way I still think that Nubs will have a truck load of love to give him!

And then by the time I cleaned up, I too was well and truly stuffed sometime after 1pm I fell straight asleep… x


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