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Things to make and do

Coming up to Christmas is always a crazy crazy time for most businesses, as is where I work at the moment, after a hectic morning in the studio yesterday I received an email from my mister titled ‘Hope this cheers you up xox’. So of course I opened it straight away, and it sure did cheer me up! I opened an email to all of the images you see below. The mister has been busy that morning making and doing!

Like most women I have an abundance of jewellery, which have taken over my shelf and dresser space, somehow my bracelets are overflowing their stands and dishes, I cannot fit anything more into my trinket boxes so I keep all of the boxes they come I and stack them in shelves.

A while ago mister found a compartment drawer, maybe it was used for tea? Or even letter stamps? Sitting lonely in our bin room at home, and thought it would be the perfect jewellery drawer for me!

It disappeared for a while, until I opened my email yesterday morning!

Mister cut the drawer, so that it would fit into the top drawer of my dresser ( this is the discarded bit)

He then replaced the side and painted it white

He bought coloured felt to put in the base of each section (great colour combo!)

He then cut felt pieces to fit into each section

Added some handles…

And then voila! Perfect jewellery drawer

The mister is super talented and creative, I adore my new jewellery drawer and I cannot wait to put all of my little bits and pieces into their new homes!

Enjoy your Friday x


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