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Not too late for a handmade Christmas gift!

Ahhhh you all know I love to make gifts from the heart AND you know I love to bake, so I came across a Donna Hay recipe in the Sunday magazine, which is an excerpt  from her current magazine issue out > Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti. The recipe is super easy and super tasty. I baked 2 x batches and popped them into cello bags sealed them, then folded them down and then made my own card label to match my person Christmas cards to staple over the sealed bag, they are the perfect little gift to wish a little Merry Christmas cheer!

Only a day and a half left of the working week for me, I can’t wait! I hope you all have an awesome, Christmas filled with tons of laughs and love! Merry Christmas! xxxx

Muska & Elvis

Things to make and do

Coming up to Christmas is always a crazy crazy time for most businesses, as is where I work at the moment, after a hectic morning in the studio yesterday I received an email from my mister titled ‘Hope this cheers you up xox’. So of course I opened it straight away, and it sure did cheer me up! I opened an email to all of the images you see below. The mister has been busy that morning making and doing!

Like most women I have an abundance of jewellery, which have taken over my shelf and dresser space, somehow my bracelets are overflowing their stands and dishes, I cannot fit anything more into my trinket boxes so I keep all of the boxes they come I and stack them in shelves.

A while ago mister found a compartment drawer, maybe it was used for tea? Or even letter stamps? Sitting lonely in our bin room at home, and thought it would be the perfect jewellery drawer for me!

It disappeared for a while, until I opened my email yesterday morning!

Mister cut the drawer, so that it would fit into the top drawer of my dresser ( this is the discarded bit)

He then replaced the side and painted it white

He bought coloured felt to put in the base of each section (great colour combo!)

He then cut felt pieces to fit into each section

Added some handles…

And then voila! Perfect jewellery drawer

The mister is super talented and creative, I adore my new jewellery drawer and I cannot wait to put all of my little bits and pieces into their new homes!

Enjoy your Friday x

Muska & Elvis

Nubbie’s Day

So if you didn’t already know, Nubbie is the nickname of my little unborn girl I am carrying, the nickname came from when the Mister and I learnt about ear nubs forming during early pregnancy and like all nicknames somehow it became one and stuck! Last weekend was Nubbie’s Day (Baby Shower really), now I know there is traditional debate about who organises or hosts a shower, but being the graphic designer I am, who adores decorating and co-ordinating for events I of course had to do all of that, and I surrendered to some amazing friends who, helped out with much of the food and drink, game/activity ideas and running of the day, everyone on the day seemed to have a small part to make the day fab, no matter how big or small, which I am very grateful of xx. Hence the day became Nubbie’s day, her first girly afternoon to celebrate her birth in the new year.

I would like to share the day with you…..

The colour theme was dusty and dark pinks with a matt gold/(very dark yellow)

I had picked up 3 large bunches of dusty pink hydrangeas to put in vases around the home (and outside before the storm hit Sydney), I also placed those gorgeous paper lanterns (by Marth Stewart) above the food table (and some again outside, which were brought indoors and placed on all the doors inside during the storm).

I made Nubbie’s Day flags for the toothpicks for finger foods, the design tying back to the original invite,
and who doesn’t love paper stripey straws :)

I baked Vanilla/White choc pink marbled cupcakes with dangerous butter cream icing, the topper I made also ties back to the original invite and theme

Of course there had to be lolly bags! I made my usual Gingy bread into hearts with light pink icing, and popped them in with a few musk sticks and a sherbet pop, which brought back a lot of childhood memories for some of the guests

I made up prize bags for some of the games (we also had a pass the parcel, which had us all squealing like kids again, a fab suggestion from a friend), and a few thank you packs

I asked the guests, those who had a baby pic of themselves to send to me, and during the day I had the guests guess who was who, it made it quite challenging as half had their pics up and half didn’t, it became very competitive but also a great way for those who didn’t know each other to get to know who was who hehehe

My favourite activity which was suggested by a friend who had done this before, was the origami crane mobile. Guests were asked to write a message to Nubbie, then asked to fold their message into a crane (or anything you like if you know how) and then later I will make it into a mobile and hang in her nursery

All of the origami looked great, even those who said they would be terrible, none of them were!
I can’t wait to make this mobile, they are all so pretty!

Nubbie had a fab day and was totally spoilt, I’ll have all these memories to show her one day as record of
her first girly afternoon x

Muska & Elvis

Thanks for stopping by!

Muska & Elvis’s very first market stall went off without a hitch yesterday at the Sydney Boutique Markets at Entertainment Quarter, from previously selling only online and retail interstate, it was very nice to meet Muska & Elvis customers face to face.

Thanks all to those who popped by to say hi and those who made a purchase. x
(and a huge thanks to my mister assistant who kept me company throughout the day, manned the stall while I had a little shop hehehe and helped set up shop)

Anyone who spoke to me yesterday about custom requests, including custom invites, paper cuts and up coming projects please don’t hesitate to contact me > to chat more,
I look forward to hearing from you!

Below are some images from my stall, keep your eyes peeled on Muska & Elvis’s Made it and Etsy stores, as new Burt and Babushka Love framed paper cuts, large Love Nest framed paper cuts, and baby shower invite collections will be available to purchase online, you can see these new items in the images below.
If you haven’t already like us on facebook, to hear of up coming events and product!

Enjoy your day! x