Muska & Elvis

A date to remember…

Almost 11 years ago, I set eyes on the Mister as he walked through the auditorium on our first day of college.

9 years ago we determined that Nov 30th would be the ‘date’ we got together when he surprised me when I found out he had moved to Sydney.

3 years ago on Nov 29th we got married and he vowed to give me hugs on demand, and I vowed that Id give him my heart to keep.

Time flies when your having fun! Today the 29th of November is a date to remember.

As you have gathered from previous post we like to celebrate ‘anniversaries’, so happy anniversary to the mister that I adore, that always brings out the best in me, supports me in everything I do, and loves me just for being me even when Im crazy and loopy – when others may think Im strange hehehe, I couldn’t be luckier finding you. I love you a truck load more every day.

I’d like to share our little gifts from today, and a few of my all time fav pics!

The Mister by far is the most creative and best at finding unique gifts for me,
below is Moses the hippo brooch, who Im told only has eyes for me :)

My favourite gift, this bread clip pendant which Mister said he loved the idea of something so mundane and unthought of becoming something so treasured and special by having a date to remember stamped on it.

Octopus pirate lounge / bed shorts for him, pirates and black what more could suit him?

The Mister has a love for all things skulls, especially sugar skulls,
I modified this popular image and made a paper cut out of it.

Our very first pic taken together in 1999, even though we were not together then, he used me for a Levi print ad concept for our advertising class…. how convenient was the pose although I didn’t see through it at all!

My favourite pic from our wedding day taken just after we ‘kissed’ and became man and wifey x


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