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Sometimes the best gifts are handmade #2

So if putting together a stationery set isn’t your thing, and your best at baking, rather than designing and cutting and painting, how about another home made gift idea?

Everyone has that dish or that recipe that you know you have finally mastered, one that people may associate you with, and if its something that people like you should make it especially for them.

Two good friends of mine have just recently launched their online wedding registry ‘From the Owl’, (the website launches today – watch this space as I will have a post all about it in detail this week- its very exciting!). They threw a launch party at their showroom last week so I put together a small ‘congrats’ gift personally for them.

My ‘thing’ is gingy bread, ever since I made little pink iced gingy hearts and bottled them to give my wedding guests, they have become a favourite gift for me to dress up and give at christmas, for birthdays, baby showers or just a hello Im thinking of you.

So for this treat I thought I would cut the gingy bread into their initials and base the whole colour theme around aqua and lavender and it was a first…. I changed my recipe a little and made dairy free gingy bread to meet one of their dietary needs.

Next time your looking for that personal gift again made with love, maybe give baking a try? x

Cutting out the gingy bread into ‘M’s & ‘A’s’

Fresh baked Gingy bread straight out of the oven

Icing the biccies

Bottle the love

I made a label with a best before date and ingredients list to tie around the jar and attached it with grosgrain ribbon and tied a bow at the back

Personalise the card (I hand cut the initals to show through the design behind)

And the finished gift – ready to eat!


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