Do you remember your primary school library bag?

Do you remember your school library bag? I do… the standard cream calico, with our primary school emblem screen printed on in the school colours, it was thin and flimsy, and boooooring! I do remember though that somehow I didn’t have it anymore? I cant remember how (maybe it ripped from borrowing too many books from the library *book nerd*), but one day mum presented me with a real cute new drawstring bag that she had made, it was in shades of pink with mice and stars all over it (weird combination but it somehow worked for an 8yr old) and the drawstring was a big fat dusty pink rope and
I loved it!

So I was thrilled when my sister in law asked if I would make my gorgeous niece a library bag to start school with!
So I gave myself a brief to work on –

  • At least A4 size
  • Not flimsy – I must double line this for ‘fanging the books around’
    (this is where calico comes in handy BUT on the INSIDE!)
  • Special/secret pocket inside to hold library card (or letter and notes from friends)
  • Has to be girly (but not too girly), and super cute BUT has to withstand a child’s forever changing taste –
    so not too childish either

So I found some babushka doll fabric online ( I love babushka doll fabric and Im almost 30, so I figure a 4 year old has a long time to get sick of the design), and I got to it.

So I have to admit that I haven’t tackled a project like this on the sewing machine for a long time, especially on a new one which seems so fancy to me – I always used my mum’s Celestial sewing machine that she bought in the 70’s which Im pretty sure she bought 2nd hand then, it was attached to a desk and folded down upside down when you closed the lid, it had no button hole stitch and I think it had about 3 standard stitches, but I was used to it and I liked its slow pace for someone who is a bit self taught on the machine with basic skills from school textiles and mum. Although on our last move there was no space for it here (I mean it is a desk as well), so it’s living in mums garage. For my birthday this year the mister bought me a new ‘fancy’ one, it even comes with a little in built tool box! Its also electronic, and its also very fast and I am also still getting the hang of it, but so far its made me 5 new cushions for the couch, numerous hemming (I’m very short) and alterations on clothing (even a special pocket for mister’s iphone in his gym shorts hehehe) and  tah dah! now a library bag!

So basically that whole explanation on my sewing skills is so you when you see a not so straight edge, or a mismatched seam, Im no professional, but I can sew hehehe. Anyways, here is the finished product, I kinda wish I needed a library now, I hope its big enough and I hope that she loves it! x

The fabric I bought

Measuring up  (yes using my 30cm stainless steel of course)

Sewing the special/secret pocket

The finished bag



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