First Kiss…

Do you remember your first kiss? No matter if it was horrible, and awkward with the kid next door in their cubby house or if it was a glorious and awesome first kiss with your high school crush in your teens, everyone remembers their first kiss.

But after that…do you remember your first kiss with everyone else? Do you remember your first kiss with your current loved one now? I remember my first kiss with my mister, so much so, that its become an anniversary date as celebrated as our wedding date.

September the 8th was the date of our first kiss – (about 2 and a bit years after we met), then on September the 8th, 5 years later he proposed to me,
(he is much better at remembering this date than I am, as the day he proposed amidst the excitement and emotions I asked what the date was so I could remember the moment, and when he said the 8th, I felt so silly and I realised the whole reason why we were away for the weekend and why he had proposed on that day! Hehehe)

So to this day we still celebrate the date, so I thought I’d share, as what he wrote on my card this year was so short and simple – ‘It started with a kiss and look where we are now”. Which rings so true, 9 years later, and a beby on the way.

 So remember your next first kiss and see where it takes you x

The card I made and the gift he gave me …


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