Joyful on a Friday!

When your looking for that little bit of something special for your blog head to How Joyful Design Blog

Here Industrial Designer turned graphic designer / creative Joy Kelley offers free advice on how to make your blog pop, with free templates and colour inspirations also offering paid creative services for those who want a bit more.

Not only does she run this helpful blog, along the side of her design studio, she also runs another blog –How Joyful. If you are on my Muska & Elvis Facebook page, this week you would have seen the post linking to the gorgeous free printable download ‘Do what you love and do it often’ (which I adore!). On the How Joyful blog, Joy also has plenty of tutorials on upcycled dresses to jewellery sewing projects. I only came across Joy this week, so I’m yet to get to the very depths of all the posts on each of her blogs, but so far How Joyful does make for a very joyful Friday! Check it out x




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