The process of my Kit Cosmetics Design Award entry

So is on again, the Kit Cosmetics Design Award 2011 and open to everyone for the second time. Last year I was lucky enough to make it to the 20 finalist, which was tops, which is where my button heart card originated from. This year its a little different, everyone who enters is in the running and all the entries are up on their facebook page. So competition is extra tough, there are some fab entries up there.

I was especially excited for the brief of this year competition, as having a massive addiction to the Kit Pomegranate & Pink grapefruit body lotion (I go through a small bottle a month roughly). So the brief was to re design the label of their large Pomegranate and Pink Grapefruit Body Lotion, wide requirements – whatever you like, just to add mandatories supplied eg Directions/ingredients/weight statements…..

So being that packaging is what I do, I jumped at the challenge. I instantly thought of brown paper, and collage, bold colours and simple shapes that represented the down to earth feel of Kit products, yet the bold colour/cut outs and sequins kept the fun and excitement of the brand present.

So I scanned in a brown paper bag I cut up, I drew up a rough layout, and then I went to town on the bold Canson papers I bought, cutting out the base of the fruits, the logo, and colour blocks.

I then picked out the sequins I wanted to use and started to carefully place them on my ‘cut out’ fruits… BUT then I realised I didnt have enough to cover my segments! So then rest is photshoppped :) (there are still rogue sequins to be found around the house today).

I had a great time putting my entry together, open briefs like this are far and few in the normal day to day of packaging design, so to be able to have free reign is super! I hope you like my entry and if you do, please head over to the Kit Design Award Facebook Page and vote for me  – Lea Wagstaff (Search Lea). There are prizes up for grabs for voting too! x


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