Muska & Elvis

Labour of love for a love nest paper cut…

Love Nest is one of my all time favourite designs, its also a design that sells the most online as a card, gift tag and especially as a framed paper cut. I originally designed love nest as a large framed paper cut, which I gave to the mister on our first Valentines day after our wedding, inspired by the same paper and colours I used on our wedding invites. Since then, Love Nest comes in two other designs, and Muska&Elvis customers and myself have used the card for any occasion, whether it be for an engagement, a wedding, a newborn, house warming, a simple thank you or an I love you to a loved one.

But most seem to love the framed paper cut, which I produce in two different sizes, that I always cut by hand (me and my trusty scalpel blade), then I mount onto textured paper with small foam core pieces, then I mount into a white box frame. It takes a few hours from start to finish to packaged, a few hours for the small frame, and even more for the large frame, but I enjoy putting each and every one together, so I thought Id share a paper cut in process x


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